A Eulogy – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

By: Team Enlightenment


As a young boy in the island of Rameshwaram, standing on beaches, he used to observe those wonderful birds that flew un-hindered. Someday, he dreamt, he would also fly. But now, he had to study and then go to railway station so that he could distribute newspapers that arrived by train and help in his father’s business. Soon this young boy would graduate in physics from Madras University and then go on to complete Aeronautical engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. His dream of flying was within reach as he appeared for selections for the Indian Air Force which had vacancies for eight positions. As luck had it, he stood ninth and narrowly missed his dream for time being. Many years later he did realize his dream when he flew in a Sukhoi in the capacity of the Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces.

That young boy would answer to the name of Avul Pakkiri Jainulbddin Abdul Kalam. The Eleventh President of Indian Republic, an outstanding technocrat, conceptualizer of Indian weapons system, pioneer of Indian rocket launches, an inspirer, A humble teacher, A superb student and above all- A humanist.

His life is a reservoir of experiences that teaches all of us the value of failures. His first rocket launch was a failure but a few months later he led the nation in celebrating success of the next launch and ISRO, since then, has not turned back while reaching the moon or the Mars. At each step he remembers his humble beginnings through his humility. He was rooted in the Indian culture of tolerance and nonviolence and was very clear that India would use his creations only for peaceful purposes.

During his presidency, he changed the contours of it by being endearing to the masses- rich, poor, adult, child, youth; a first citizen who seemed to unite an entire nation of divisions and contradictions to achieve a common goal of development. He spoke to students, teachers, businessmen, professionals urging them, egging them and inspiring them to work for the development of the country.

Today, we stand gained immensely from his contributions to us; infact he has a stent under his name-Kalam-Raju stent-that would help the poor to obtain less expensive heart treatments. At every step this great human-being transformed our thoughts, gave us a purpose and provided us all with a vision – A vision for 2020.

All that we would say is “Salam dear Sir Kalam”. May God give his soul a rightful resting place.

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Excellent. Words fail to capture the depth of feeling. May our country produce more Kalams and May God bless us all to be humanly united.