A year well spent

By: Ananya Majumdar (LTEN)


When it was decided that the latest edition of Enlightenment would be launched on Friendship day, I was wondering how I should contribute. Again, another Review? Travelogue? No… why not write something more appropriate for the occasion. Well… It will be 365days in L&T for me on the 4th of this August. Aah… How soon time flies away! It seems just like yesterday that I left my sweet home in Kolkata to come and stay in Faridabad!

During my initial days, life in Faridabad seemed like a Nightmare… dusty, polluted, etc . I had concluded that the choice to leave Kolkata was indeed wrong. But, what made me spend this one year so comfortably in Faridabad? What had LnT offered me that made my stay so eventful and interesting?

It offered me some wonderful people as colleagues and friends. I doubt if my journey would have been the same if three others, had not joined on the same day along with me. The four of us, although busy in our own life and work, had explored the company together during the first few months.


Participating in events like Engineer’s day, Slogan writing, Cricket Match, Magazine, Dance, Anchoring… has made the year eventful. But, participating or winning in those events would not be fun if it were not for the people I got associated with in the process.

Engineer’s day brought me close to my department people. Making a roller coster with Anubhav, Arpan, Naved Sir, Amit Sir and Danish… and winning the first prize. I have no hesitation in saying LTEN Civil Rocks!


Life would not be the same had I not been approached to be the part of the Ladies Cricket Team for the Mini Cricket Tournament. I just know what a big challenge it was for me to be part of the team since I have never  been into sports. The practice sessions after office hours were indeed fun. It helped me cut away the boredom of being at home all alone and make some good friends too.


I should thank God for making it rain during my stay at Greenfield colony. You must be wondering what I am talking about ? Staying in that part of the city, anybody would dread the showers ‘cause the heavy waterlogging cuts of connection to this part of the city.  When I stood near the rail tracks with my eyes overwhelmed, I wondered what I would have done if Pragya hadn’t let me stay at her place that night! I am really happy that I hadn’t gone home that night. The incident gave me a wonderful friend in LnT, someone I will remember forever.

Moving ahead, would life in LnT be that refreshing, if one winter morning Mr. Mayank Kapoor hadn’t asked me to be part of Team Enlightenment! Well, I have enjoyed my association with Enlightenment. Its been a fun journey ever since with the awesome team.


January brought the news of transfer of one of my closest friend in LnT, Hridya. She was to leave for Bangalore. She was the one who had so lovingly let me be part of her tiny circle which meant a lot to me. Her farewell party will always be memorable for me.


As the winter began to bid us adieu, LnT was getting ready for its biggest event, the Annual cultural evening. The dance practice sessions started. A team of 12 for a group dance…and some enthusiasts being first timers…huff… it was one hell of an experience! Thanks to my awesome dance partner, things on stage were so simple and comfortable.


Thank you Ashruti and Uttam for making me feel a bit more confident on stage by cracking jokes all the time. Anchoring at Annual Cultural Event with you guys was fun.


The lunch outings, the department parties, farewells…






Without all these wonderful people I have been associated with, it wouldn’t have been fun for a new person in a new place. Thank you all for keeping me so close and giving me this wonderful year!!!

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