Ray of Hope *Light*

By : Aditi Goyal (L&T Gulf, Faridabad)

When things start falling into place,
When the hidden reasons are not so fade..
All the things life made you undergo on the sail,
Do not seem to be so very lame.

When you realize the purpose of the chaos,
That made you wiser amid times of the woes..
That’s when you see the beauty of your being,
And understand the moments you were meant to perceive.

Believe it or not,
Life has her own ways..
To teach you lessons you must,
To decipher her charade.

Just remember to never,
Give up on life..
As it will show you times,
Beyond your own limited sight.

Believe sometimes in just gliding along…
Have some faith that it will lead to a beautiful dawn.

Ray of Hope
Ray of Hope

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Nijeesh Padmanabhan

An uncluttered and non-cribbing outlook does more to smoothen the rather fun and challenging ride called life than anything else. The emotions were captured brilliantly up there indeed. Keep writing and sharing!


What beautiful words. Refreshing read. 🙂 🙂