Let’s Dig In: Café Lota

By : Ayush Jain (L&T MHPS, Faridabad)

" Cafe-Lota "
” Cafe-Lota “

Cafe Lota !! Well from the sound of it, I was a little skeptical visiting this restaurant. But you’ve got to give it to the people behind this establishment.

For me one of the stand out features was its location. Nested beautifully within the National Crafts Museum, it’s one of those few places where one can enjoy a meal away from hustle bustle of the city. It’s a one of a kind experience with artistic decor and great food.It’s an open air joint which somehow manages to keep the hot temperatures at bay even without the use of those modern cooling systems. It has a cozy ambiance with picnic like tables and terra-cotta figurines all interspersed below the shade of trees-a very Retro kind of an atmosphere. Of course, during the night the place has a life of its own. The lighting, the ambiance and specially the in-house musicians make it a unique experience.

Coming to the food, the delicacies here are delectable. A must try for all, whether you are a vegetarian or not, is the “Palak Patta Chat”. Fried spinach leaf pakoras with a yoghurt base, served with a fresh and flavorful dip, this is one savory dish.

" The palak patta chat "
” The palak patta chat “

The menu here is very different from the usual stuff you get in the city and in a good way. There is a wide array of dishes to choose from. What is unique is the fact that they have a selection from almost all regions of India and amazingly some pretty healthy options too. Right from the “Kathal ki biryani”, “Dal Dhokhli, batata nu shaak” to the “Chicken Lollipop” and the “Chicken Ghee Roast”, everything is just sumptuous.
Another not-to-miss dish is the Apple Cinnamon Jalebi, a gooey doughnut-cum-Jalebi delight. Warning: It’s very very sweet.

The service is very friendly and the food is easy on the pocket. There’s not a lot of wait for the food and time passes quickly as you hum to the tunes played by the local musician.
Just one downside to the place i.e. the parking. If you are visiting during the night time, be sure to reach the place before 8 pm. Otherwise, it becomes a hassle. No such problems if you’re going for a midday meal.

All in all a must visit place to indulge your taste buds and your senses.

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One more on the downside, the place is too small… with growing popularity and more and more hedonist Delhi-ites flocking the eatery, the place is left at the mercy of the wait-ers.. Specially on weekends, finding a place to sit is so difficult that the boredom is not compensated by the offered food..
But ya, the food is indeed very tasty!!

Ayush Jain

Yes very true. But weekday nights are alright. One does need to make an effort to savor this experience.Though, I do hope they increase the space coverage or open another branch or two. Hedonist Delhi-ites is a bit stereotypical, don’t you think ?

Nijeesh Padmanabhan

Nothing like a party-animal defending a hedonistic city. 🙂

Ayush Jain

Goodness !! Nijeesh, I am no longer a party-animal. Just a simplistic soul !!