Travelogue: Andaman Islands

By: Bhavya S (LTSL)


“A trip that started from above the clouds and went on till below the sea covering all modes of transport! The Utopia of an imaginary land came to life here at Andaman.”

Our  first  destination  was  Port  Blair.  Main tourist  spots  in  Port  Blair  are  Cellular  Jail, Chatham Saw mill, Sports complex and the museum. The cellular jail was the highlight of our first day in Andaman. Next morning we rushed  to the shipyard.


The ship cruise to Havelock was fun, walking around sipping a cup of tea and enjoying the company  of  friends.  Once  we  reached Havelock,  we  freshened  up  in  rooms  which were arranged along the beachside. We then headed towards Radhanagar beach which was a visual treat!! Exactly like we had seen in movies and I finally got to see the sea blue color. We played throw ball, chain game etc. and even buried a friend in the sand for fun. When we returned to our rooms for the night, we noticed a strange phenomenon. The beach near  our  rooms  had dried completely. We then got to know that due to high tide-low tide, the water vanishes every 6 hrs!! With this our 2nd day in Andaman came to an end.


Next morning we checked out from our rooms and got split into 2 groups. The 1st group went for           Scuba diving,  which was  a  dream come true for the 1st timers. The rest of visited the Elephant beach and did snorkeling. Though the beach was too small, it looked beautiful. Post lunch all of us gathered at Havelock shipyard, to head back to Port Blair.


Ross Island is a place meant for photography because it contains nothing but ruins. We went by boat from Port Blair to Ross Island and had about 3 hours’ time to roam around the little island.  There  were ruins of a church, community center, market etc. The museum had pics of how  Ross  Island looked earlier and how it is now, which gave a nostalgic feel. There were deer and rabbits running around the island.



We then visited Carbon Cove beach in Port Blair. After visiting the sky blue beaches, it wasn’t  fascinating  to  visit  a  beach  which looked like the normal beaches. Few photographs there and we returned to our guest houses and proceeded with the cultural night. We split into groups of 4 and each group had to perform a mad-ad and skit. It was an entertaining event where all of us felt like we were back to college days.

Next morning, the much awaited moment for those who didn’t try scuba was here- Sea Walk in North Bay! We could see the sea walk helmets lined up waiting for us!! We got into the  water  by climbing down a ladder from the ship. Just as the water reached our neck, they would  drop  the helmet on our head and we would go down till the sea bed. Very soon we could walk past corals and fishes roaming around   our   heads. It looked more like we were in a fish bowl and the fish were moving around us freely. After about 40 minutes of underwater experience, our cars were all set to take us back to Mount Harriet. Then we started the trek to Kalapathar. The path was full of leeches. By the time you halt to take off a leech and you’re attacked by 10 other leeches!


While returning back, few of us decided to trek to the lighthouse too. Unfortunately someone misguided   us   and   we failed to reach the lighthouse. While heading back home, we saw the Tsunami ruins. A stretch of land that has become a waste after the disastrous incident!


Jolly Boy is supposedly a must visit beach in Andaman.  But  strangely,  this  is  closed  for every 6 months to visitors. This is substituted by Red Skin beach, where we were taken by boat. The next destination for the day was Chidia Tapu which is a sunset point. We also visited a park in Chidia Tapu which had crocodiles! The Park was beautiful and apt for a walk.

Next day was our last in Andaman. Baratong, popular for the limestone caves was planned for  the  day.  To  reach  here,  we  had  to  go through the forest where Jarava tribes reside. However, we could spot just one tribal guy on the way. After crossing the forest, a ferry took us to a boat jetty where a speed boat was awaiting  us.  The  speed  boat  then  took  us through Mangrove forests to the start point of our trek to the limestone caves. After walking through a field and forest, we finally reached the limestone cave where we  saw various formations and sinkholes which were familiar to the one found in  geography text books of school.



Tribes in Andaman: The Jarava tribes were against islanders during historic times. They had  then  started  building  friendly  relations after the islanders rescued a kid of the Jarava tribe. Tourists were then even allowed to meet the tribes. Sadly few years ago, few visitors behaved inappropriately with the tribes. This turned to a controversy and tourists were then banned from meeting the tribes. The situation is  better  now  and  currently  tourists  are allowed to travel through the jungle but only with escorts!! This a lesson for all of us to preserve the emotional and sentimental values of local people.

This marked the end of our Andaman episode. We left to the airport early morning after settling all the accounts and gifting the organizers as a token of gratitude for the wonderful arrangements that they had done to make our stay in Andaman very memorable and cherishable!


“7  days  passed  by  like  7  minutes  leaving behind memories worth cherishing for 7 ages!”



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Thanks Guru 🙂


Its awesome and lively felt like I travelled. Nice presentation


Feeling like going to Andaman after reading this…Nicely put up in words Bhavya 🙂


Thanks a lot Vikas 🙂

Tarun Kumar Dutta

its very nice and informatic


Thank you sir 🙂


Such a nicely done write up Bhavya! Makes me want to go to Andaman.


Thanks Ash 🙂 so you know where to plan your next vacay 😀