Book review – When Only Love Remains ( Author- Durjoy Datta)

By: Hitesh Chauhan (LT PDL)


The book is a good romantic story about a young struggling singer Devrat and a pretty flight attendant Avanti. So here is the story -Avanti falls in love with Devrat ‘s songs and harbour a desire to meet him . Devrat in turn has just had a break up. Avanti decides to meet Devrat in his show. Both fall in love when they meet. Devrat meets with an accident and goes into coma, So the story can be separated into two parts. The first part revolves around romance between Devrat and Avantika while the second part is very heavy with Devrat going into coma. The second part is about how Avantika waits for her lover to come back to life and in the process rejuvenates a rather ordinary hospital by spreading her optimism towards life. I like the part where Avanti is mingling with the hospitals’ patients and their relatives. The part which describes the relations which Avanti has developed with the hospital staff and the patients of the hospital is very compelling according to me. Durjoy Datta has done has good job in developing characters.

The climax of the story comes when Devrat is awake from his coma and finds himself completely paralytic with the exception of this index finger. This eventually takes the toll on the young Devrat and he is not willing to live as a paralytic person. He wants to die as he has lost all hopes of being able to recover again. The doctors are of the view that only a miracle can make Devrat walk again. So what will happen next? How will Avanti and Devrat’s parents cope with with Devrat’s wish to end his life? Can Avanti and his family rekindle the hope in Devrat to live? Or will they accept Devrat’s wish to end his life and aid him in doing this otherwise illegal thing? Or will they just ignore Devrat’s wish to die and make him live the tortured life of a paralytic person in the hope that he will recover?? So grab your own copy and find out the climax!

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Hitesh Chauhan

Thank You……..:-)


Nicely written…


Amazingly captured Hitesh, very rarely have I found such compelling review of a book!

Hitesh Chauhan

Thank You:-)

Manish Yadav

kya bhai kya review dali hai, mast :-p

Hitesh Chauhan

Thank You:-)