Water, Gratitude and prayer

By: Anmol Piplani (LTEN)


Welcome to Science and Spirituality. There are going to be series of articles. We are going to go through what science has been up to regarding the spiritual findings and truths of past, about which our religions and sages have already told.

First article is on Water, Gratitude and prayer. In this article we shall be exploring the mysterious properties of the most common and important element on earth-WATER and the extent of effect produced by a simple word called “PRAYER”.  Water is one of the 5 elements constituting our body. Other elements are fire, air, earth and ether. Our bodies are 70% water.

Scientists have been involved in various experiments revealing the mysterious properties of Water. These are exhibited in the movie-
“Water – The Great Mystery”.
Although, I am putting a synopsis of movie which will help in concluding the spiritual perspective, I suggest taking time and watch this movie on Youtube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80mHIGg9v0)

Water – The great mystery

“Water- The great mystery” is a documentary film which discusses more than 20 experiments to show mysterious properties of Water. It shows that Water has a particular crystal structure which changes when affected by not only physical factors but also by human emotions and thoughts. Experiments show that it has a memory.

These are the water crystals which were produced when subjected to following suggestions and prayers.









The most cleansing effect on water was due to not just one word but two-“Love and gratitude


So this was science telling about love, prayer and gratitude through experiments on Water.

Let’s see what spirituality says.


Now that we have seen many examples of power of positive thinking, love, prayer and gratitude, let’s see from perspective of spirituality what really creates all these things.

Science can show the cause, causing the effect. But it doesn’t really explain how and why.

Let’s wonder into it.

Now I have been reading a book called “conversations with God” (CWG) by Neale Donald Walsch. I am inspired by it and helped by it.

(A brief about the book:  It is a “Conversation with God” in real time by a person who was wrecked fully in all aspects of personal life. And one early morning, he was venting out his frustrations and asking the solution on a yellow pad (like a diary) when a conversation started. One need not really believe it to consider what I am borrowing from it. Just consider it objectively and see with the lens of heart what I am writing here and hereafter and see if it matches with your inner truth).

Well in CWG, He says that humans are made in image and likeness of God and we have all the creative powers with us. These creations occur at 3 levels:

1. Action
2. Words
3. Thought

Thought is the subtlest and most effective of all these three as it is the subtlest. In fact words and actions are thoughts translated and manifested. We have just witnessed in the movie the effects of our creative powers through prayers and suggestion.

We as a part of universe are connected with all that is. We may think we are ‘apart’ from each other but we are really ‘a part’.

So now about, GRATITUDE

I will quote some things from “Friendship with God” (fourth book in the series) about Gratitude

It says that even tool of thought is relatively a slower tool of creation.

We perform all of our body’s most important functions without thinking about it. We don’t think about blinking an eye, or taking a breath, or beating our heart. These things just happen, because we are a human being. That is, a human, comma, being.

Although these are all sub conscious mind functions, but there are other levels of consciousness too

1. Super consciousness
2. Supra consciousness

Without getting into much details,

Thought is not first cause. True Being is. Beingness is, thought does.

In doing there is a time lag, in isness, it is already there. Hence, it’s the fastest tool of creation.

Thought merely brings that part of Being to experience when we get connected to it or when think about it. But it doesn’t really change what we are in Reality.

Our thought about God does not create God. It merely creates our experience of God.

 Similarly about love. We don’t think about love to be in love.

It’s the same with Gratitude. When we feel gratitude, no one has to tell us, “It’s time to feel gratitude.” We simply, quite spontaneously, feel grateful. We find ourselves being grateful before we even think about it. Gratefulness is a state of being.

Gratitude is a state of being which announces our clarity that we already have what it is we think we need. In other words, if we are thanking God for something, rather than asking God for something, we must know that it is already in place.

Hence, the fastest form of creation. No time Lag.

It also encompasses the concept of acceptance. That which is showing up must be created by myself at some level of consciousness. So, even if we think that it is not beneficial to us(It might be beneficial—One can read “Soul’s plan” and “Soul’s Gift” by Robert Schwartz to have a hint on it.) or we don’t like it, it is only if and when we accept us to be co-creators of a thing that gives us power to change it. If we deny and shirk the responsibility on others, we also make ourselves powerless to change what we might want to see changed.

Also the inner experience of a thing is more important that it’s outer experience.

It would suffice to say that “Gratitude is the highest form of Prayer”.

And in words of Swami Vivekananda, “Prayer is Power”.

Prayer is the connecting link with ALL THAT IS.

Quotes on Prayer by Swami Vivekanada

Meditation is a sort of prayer and prayer is meditation.

The first step is the joy of living. Asceticism is fiendish. To laugh is better than to pray.

The greatest force is derived from the power of thought. The finer the element, the more powerful it is. The silent power of thought influences people even at a distance, because mind is one as well as many. The universe is a cobweb; minds are spiders.

Is there ever any movement of yours, mental or physical, in which you do not participate in the infinite Divine Energy? It is all a constant prayer. Words are not necessary. Better is silent prayer


We can use gratitude and prayer, or be in Gratitude before eating any food or drinking Water. This attitude will slowly change our cellular structures as the food we are eating today will become our cells few days later. And it will be highly beneficial to our entire metabolism.

Also, we can be in gratitude and acceptance in morning, thanking for all that flows into our life today, knowing we are the co-creators and whatever comes will be for our best.

Gratitude and prayer just before sleep and after waking up will sink into our sub-conscious mind and we will be highly benefited by it. So, these are childhood teaching from our elders with scientific proof and explanation.

Just try connecting with the Inner Self. Even being positive is a prayer.

Every work done selflessly is prayer.

Its First step on to the journey towards inside…..

We will come back again with the topic of QUANTUM PHYSICS, LOVE and ONENESS.

So the movie for next step—“What the bleep do we know” which explains through Quantum Physics the Ultimate truth of ONENESS. Watch, enjoy and wonder. Here is the movie Link

YouTube: What the bleep do we know


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Atul Anand

Great its must be for great application of Spiritual application of all.


Very nice article. Hope to see more such stuff from you. Keep enlightening. Best wishes.

Arpan Saha

Motivated & Crystal Clear article…Keep writing..


Very wonderfully expressed….subtle topic,words so well put and pits readers to work within …- with heart n mind…makes the reader to ponder dive in,reflect n absorb n explore..thanks to you..


I must Say its quite cool..See i m showing gratitude.
Great article man!!!!!!

Rohit Sinha

Enjoyed going through it.
Pl keep writing.

Ankit Singh

Well written article. It gives us a very different view to the One and the beautiful part is that physics, chemistry, spirituality and various religious facts are meeting at one place. I suggest readers to read it with an open mind and try to analyse the way we all can combine the various thought processes known in today’s world.