I will rise again

By: Anubhav Mishra (LTEN)


Its not the fall yet
But the tender leaves are falling
The once lush green fields are dry
But the rains are yet to crawl in.

Yesterday the sun shone with its might
But it feels dark today
The thunder roars with the light
The grey clouds have begun to sway.

The sweet songs of the morning birds
Seem like from far away
Its only the scavengers herd
That scream during the day.

The smiles are lost
Where are they gone?
The laughter that once brought tears….
The tears are here…but what has gone wrong?

The belief is gone
The trust is lost
The colours have faded
And the evil has won.

But like the morning sun
The soul will rise again
The storm may slow it down
But the mind can brave the rain.

My life….is my life
I will not let you rule
And when i will rise and shine
From the shadows you pushed me into like a fool
The earth will shiver
The trees will tremble
I will be the dreaded storm
That will even make your bones in the grave quiver!

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