Indians everywhere but nowhere in India

By: Manish S.

Sundar Pichai , Satya Nadella, LN Mittal are such eminent personalities who needs no introduction and whose success and laurel fills the heart of each and every Indian with immense pride and honour but with each of their success a bitter truth is attached i.e. such talented minds had their origin in Indian soil but to nurture the same they had to migrate to other countries. Digging more into the causal of this situation may give one ample amount of reasons why India is on the verge of loosing its title of “Land of Great Minds”.

Recent statement of Mr. Narayan Murthy, Infosys chairman, declaring India as a country with zero innovation in past 60 years serves as the first & foremost reason. The “Land of Zero” has achieved its true meaning. There may be several answer to this problem. The innovative minds are lost in the rat race to get into prestigious IITs NITs. In our educational system right from the beginning the inculcation is towards cramming up the things in order to be first in the rat race rather than towards developing the rational thinking or a logical aptitude. Our educational system is based on theoretical concept rather than practical experience, critical thinking have been replaced by chapters based on life of politicians. The best example of this was depicted in Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots in which he clearly highlights the problem with the Indian Education system in a conversation with the professor. In India after pursuing the graduation it is decided what one actually wants to do in life. Graduation is not seen as medium of learning but as a tool of earning higher pay checks. Moreover graduation is being used for fulfilling the essential criteria to be eligible for giving GMAT GRE and this kick-starts the process of Brain Drain.

Another answer to this problem might be the reservation wherein one may easily get into prestigious IIT’s by scoring a meagre 6% of total marks thus diluting the quality . Seeing our youth such as Mr. Hardik Patel vociferously agitating for reservation explicates the nations dark and gloomy future. The picture below clearly explains the problem stated above:


However still our country is considered amongst the most intellectual minds and seeing ISRO’s recent success in Space field serves to support this outlook. There are also ongoing talks to reform our educational system which is a positive signal and many institutions are tying up with foreign institutes in order to inculcate their approach towards education. All these factors brings hope that our country could regain that golden era when each and every country used to look into India’s rich ancient past and studies to find a solution to their problem.

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