Intriguing Questions to Test your Grey cells


  1. Land Rover has come out with its first armoured vehicle, priced at a whopping €4,00,000. What has it been branded as?
  2. Whose guiding philosophy is “Love All – Serve All”? This chain set up its first outlet in London and is now owned by a Native American tribe in the US.
  3. This fast food restaurant chain claims to have crowd sourced the world’s first pocket a cut of the sales programme. It has launched a mobile app that allows customers to design their own pizzas and market them on social media. The customers get a percentage of the sales as a commission. Name the pizza brand and the country where it has launched it.
  4. At the age of 12, this person started selling sweets and newspapers in trains. He used an empty baggage carriage to produce a local newspaper, The Weekly Herald. In the 1860s he rescued a station official’s child from an oncoming train and was rewarded with training in telegraphy. Name him.
  5. Which Pro Kabbadi sponsor has started a talent hunt programme by organising kabbadi matches outside its sales outlets?



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