Science and Spirituality-Quantum Physics, Oneness and Love

By: Anmol Piplani (L&T Faridabad)

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Welcome back to Science and Spirituality.

This is the second article in series. First article was on Water, Gratitude and Prayer

Hope you have seen the movie “What the bleep do we know” mentioned in the last article.

If not, here is the link YouTube: What the bleep do we know.

In this article we talk about what Quantum Physics is saying about reality of existence and a spiritual perspective of it.

It says that all physical realities are created by us. We are responsible for everything that happens to us individually and collectively. There have been experiments which prove that results are affected by observer.

Heisenberg has said that atom is not a thing but a tendency.

Quantum Physics says that for any Physical reality perceived by us, there are many possibilities which collapse into one according to the perception of observer. So it says that consciousness must be involved in creating these realities. We keep creating same realities every moment, so much so that we have forgotten that we created these things.

We are conditioned to believe that external world is more important than the inner.

The modern science says just the opposite.

It says that Brain does not know the difference in what it sees in the environment and what it remembers.


But who is the real observer?

Science doesn’t have an answer to that. According to them it is not even in the brain.

Every single one of us affects the reality, even if try to get hide ourselves from that and play victim. So if we continue to believe that reality is already there then we are stuck.

But if we accept that we create reality, then we can change first within and then without

It says that there are different worlds of atoms and nuclei. They have their own language, own mathematics. Each is different but also complimentary. We are these but we are also our macroscopic physiology. It has its own mathematics. It is all true. These are just different levels of truth. Deepest level of truth covered by science and philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity.

At the deepest sub nuclei reality “WE ARE ALL ONE”


(For detailed synopsis, CLICK HERE)

You can also refer this link to study more on experiments being done


So now we saw that even quantum physics points to the Ultimate truth of oneness, of which saints of the past has said much about.

Let’s understand what its implications are.

So, if we are really ONE, then, if we hurt somebody, aren’t we hurting ourselves? If we are betraying or lying to somebody, are we betraying or lying to ourselves?

If we are ONE, not in physical manner although, but at the heart level or soul consciousness level, then who is Superior to whom?

If we are ONE, why do we think we NEED something from outside to complete ourselves? (In my understanding, any desire is out of the belief that we lack something and therefore need something from outside to complete ourselves.)

If we are ONE, then aren’t we the co-creators of everything that happens in the form of physical events. Are we to blame anyone in particular for creating wars or corruption or praise anyone in particular for good things like good economic decision, good governance and peace treaties?

If we are ONE, who is the villain and who is the victim?

And if we are ONE, what is there to know? Big thing, right! Directly claiming that we know everything (although not at conscious level, but maybe, at Super-conscious level).

And if GOD exists, ONENESS means we are one with God too in Ultimate reality, so who is going to judge whom, who is going to condemn who, who is going to punish whom?

If GOD and we are really one, who is the real DOER?

If all that is there, will remain complete, what is there left to do?

Isn’t the creator and creation ONE?

And if GOD is all that is, or was, or will be (according to religion), then is there anything which he needs or requires. And if HE is all in all, then is there any condition in which he doesn’t get what he wills? In other words, can GOD fail? Can he be hurt? Or in other way, can we be sinned for acting against HIS will? (To me this is logically impossible)

So is there anything that can make GOD unhappy?

(Now read the above lines by substituting GOD with WE.)

Swami Vivekananda says that there is only one Sin, that is, believing in that we are sinners.

‘Conversation with God’(CWG) book says that our experience, our individual reality is produced from what we believe and even our collective experience is created from what we collectively believe and this temporary reality has nothing to do with the Ultimate reality?

Till now our education has trained us that seeing is believing, but as even portrayed in the movie, CWG says believing is seeing.

So this sin is created by us only by moving into the feeling of sinner with the belief at the base.

(Now may we ask where from we have got these beliefs?)

So one last question, if we all are really all one, who is to have GRATITUDE towards whom.

(This is in contradiction with the last article on Gratitude!)

Let’s first understand something about knowledge. Knowledge is gained when there is an object and an observer.

So let us say there is a being, let us call him or her GOD. God want to know herself.  How can he know himself if she is herself the object and the observer? So let us say he fragments itself to many individuations. Let us call these individuation souls.

So to know, we really have to separate ourselves from which we have to know.

(This is depicted in the famous story of ADAM and EVE which were discarded from paradise on eating the fruit of knowledge).

Now, for knowledge to exist, ignorance too has to be there.

For light to be there, darkness too has to exist.

For truth to be there, false too has to be experienced.

For happiness to exist, sadness too has to be there.

For hot to be there, cold must be there.

For big to be there, small must be there.

For reality to exist, illusion too has to be there.

For consciousness of oneness to exist, separation too has to be there.

These concepts are called by our ancient sages as the Principle of Duality.

Ultimate reality is beyond all these, in which we go beyond consciousness of Oneness. So the knowledge of oneness is also lost. Thus, now, if we have to proceed towards oneness, we move from ignorance to knowledge and then further towards “Ultimate ignorance”(term coined by Rev. Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgrah, U.P, INDIA)

There is already this feeling of oneness in all of us, this feeling of interconnectedness. And that is called LOVE. This is our inner knowing.

So if we have to go back to this level of consciousness, from where do we start? Here comes the role of prayer, gratitude and devotion. So like knowledge (which will come in midway towards our march towards the Ultimate), devotion too bids farewell after its role is finished. It automatically gets converted into love.

And the final state is such that even the trinity of the lover, love and beloved is lost and this stage is indescribable even by those who have experienced it.


We are just theorizing it. How to experience it? How to go on towards it?

We will talk about it in our next article- “Heart-Math and Heartfulness”

So the video for next step –“Heart Math”. Here are the links for two short videos.

Also recommended reading- “Heart’s Code” by Paul Pearsall

This will give an idea what science knows about Heart, although research is in starting stage.

You can also know more about Heartfulness on this link.

{The ideas expressed here have been inspired and borrowed from “Conversation with God” book series and “TRUTH ETERNAL” by Revered Shri Ram Chandra (Lalaji) of Fategarh, U.P, India.}

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Superb Article..!!

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The article is wonderful. I simply love your knowledge about the subject. Keep on revealing.GOD bless you.