Garam Dharam – Restaurant review

By: Ashruti Baranwal (LTHE)

Kutte Mein Tera khoon pee jaonga” – A classic phrase or I should say Dharam paaji’s  garam phrase is apparently the most widely used Bollywood dialogue which even a small kid still remembers.

Reminiscing our old classic movie scenes starring superstars like Dharamendra, is still our generation’s way of doing time pass & connecting with our old friends over a cup of coffee or … (you know what I mean !)

To relive such moments with my college friends, we specifically searched for a restaurant which could take us back to a Bollywood era where Mr. Garam Dharam would indulge himself in a fight for his lover, friend, Maasi, Bua, Phupha, Tau or Chacha, in short for anyone. Recollecting Dharam Ji’s famous Sholay scene ‘Basantiiiiiiiii, in kutton ke saamne mat naachna’ – one of the most emotionally depicted, romantic & Garam scenes in Bollywood history.

I am sure by now you would have understood where I was finally going for a garam dharam indulgence of my taste buds.  ‘Garam Dharam’ is a restaurant situated in the heart of the city which is famously know as CP.  This place is easy to locate. Any car with its destination as CP will have no choice but to take the outer circle road & there it is at M Block Shop No. 16.

Word of caution: If you going on a weekend, please be mentally prepared for a long wait of not less than half an hour.

The entire setup is well lit with an effect of bright yellow light similar to a truck’s headlight.


The ambience will take you down the memory lane of Dharam Ji’s Bollywood classic movies with a tinge of Punjabi tadka. The staff is friendly & dressed up in their Pathani suits & salwars, their attires blending completely with the theme of the restaurant. The table, chairs including the artefacts used in decorating the place are well thought of.

This place will make you feel like clicking a lot of selfies with Dharam paji’s posters & colourful movie names displayed on the walls of Garam Dharam.


The Punjabi taste buds will go crazy looking at the menu, making Punjabis appreciate the place in their own loud style (You know what I mean :P).  The spread is sufficient to satisfy your taste buds.

Since it was a Sunday afternoon, we politely ignored the ‘Banta Santa section’ (wine & cocktails section) and flipped over few pages to finally placing our fingers on ‘Khatti Meethi Chulbuli’, Pyare Mohan & Lassi.


My personal favourite is ‘Khatti Meethi Chulbuli’, since it goes with my personality (Not being narcissisticJ). Do try it and remember me!!! Coming to starters, my favourite section was ‘Street favourites’. I ordered Tikki Cholle, Cholle Kachauri & Amritsari Kulcha. My non-vegetarians friends ordered Tandoori Chicken & Tandoori Masala Chicken Wings. Don’t judge me. I had four more friends with me who equally participated in my guilt free journey of gratification. The food was above average to taste but the experience made it up for it. Main course had almost all items which any north Indian restaurant would have. But do check out the menu. You might find some new exotic items on the list which you can order.


Oops I forgot to mention my favourite section – ‘Dharam Ji’s Special’ Section. The names in this section are totally dedicated to Dharam Ji’s movies like ‘Mai Balwaan Family Naan’, Phool aur Patthar ke Kebab’, ‘Mast Kalandar Handi ke Andar’. This section does sound amusing. The movie names are creatively used, definitely a page which any Mofoodie (Movie+Foodie) can’t ignore.

I am sure you would want to know the effect on your already overloaded pockets, right? This place is definitely not in the fine dining category but I would place it in ‘not so economical’ category. Definitely a no-no if you are looking at a road side dhaba budget.

Approximate cost for two would be somewhere in the range of Rs. 1500 – 2000 with alcohol (until and unless you visit this place with a resolution of drinking like a fish).

Want take your Punjabi Kudi/wife or I should say your ‘Dream Girl’ on a Punjabi date? This is place to go… definitely worth shedding some money to experience a typical Bollywood themed restaurant with a Punjabi tadka for your taste buds.

Oye Hoye… Balle Balle!!!

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Rohit Sinha

Very nostalgic for me as I have grown watching Dharam ji.
I’ll visit , sure