Happy Deepawali  

By: Mechanical Static Team (LTEN)

Festival, Deepawali is being seen as an atmosphere, where everybody celebrates the joy of love, meeting with love ones, get the new energy and feel happy. There is another way to get all these if we all will provide the happiness to the people around us, and one of them from the society of the people, who carve mud into their dreams, called DIYAs.

Traditionally this festival is celebrated by illuminating our houses by lighting DIYAs all across the home and courtyard. Since time immortal  earthen DIYAs  or “Mitti ka Diyas” have been used for lighting the houses , but in recent time and mostly in Urban areas DIYAs have been replaced by electrical illumination and the tradition of lighting earthen DIYAs  has slowly  been fading  which somewhat diminishes  the spirit behind the festival.


We must remember while celebrating Deepawali that lighting earthen DIYAs will not only be the traditional celebration but it will also light the homes of potters / people who are into the making of DIYAs.

Our lighting of earthen DIYAs will bring cheers to thousands of potters whose earning depends upon our buying the earthen Lamps/DIYAs.   Around Diwali season our local earthen potters hope of making sufficient money to make their Diwali really happy. Let’s make their Deepawali happy and prosperous for them.

Adding further, we can completely replace Electric Lights, those mostly comes from CHINA with “Made in India DIYAs” and Candle. We would rather feel proud and happiness of using Indian products i.e. DIYAs & CANDLES and we would Save Energy or Electricity so moving towards Pollution free Environments and reducing the carbon footprint by not buying electrical lamps, ultimately Sustainable Developments.

We would also save our money which will be going in vain purchasing Electric Lights and also Electricity bill to lighten them up. Very important, we can reduce “Trade Deficit” with China by not purchasing CHINESE PRODUCTS, which will help Indian Economy to grow up and strengthen our country as a whole.

Environmental friendly contributions

  • Make your Rangoli with flowers, natural colors, or rice flour.
  • Re-use existing cardboard boxes from home, distributing or buying sweets.
  • Use handmade / crafted gifts.
  • Don’t fire crackers whole night (6pm to 10 pm is preferable time). Ensure that huts, wood / grass / sand made homes do not catching fire from the fire crackers. Try to limit crackers and understand the environmental problems arising out of them.
  • Do not use Crackers creating Higher Noise Levels. It may lead to temporary or permanent loss of hearing to you.
  • Smoke produced in firing crackers contains chemical elements which cause asthma if exposed to longer time.

Let’s see chemicals the fire crackers are made of and their impacts too.



CopperIrritation of respiratory tract
CadmiumAnemia and damage to kidney
LeadAffects the nervous system
MagnesiumIts dust and fumes cause metal fume fever
SodiumReacts violently with moisture and can attack the skin.
ZincLeads to vomiting
NitrateCould lead to mental impairment
NitriteCould lead to coma


Above Image was released by NASA Earth Observatory that shows India during the night of Diwali celebrations. This looks amazing from the space, but consequences must also be kept in mind.

Let’s take an initiative to plant more trees. Let’s take an oath – whenever we harm our environment, we should take steps to heal it as well.

दीप आये नयें नयें , दीपो का तव्य्हार ले कर !

आओ मिलकर दीप जलाये, अपने मनो को उज्जवलित कर !!


दीप जलाये खुसी बिखेरे, घर आँगन को रोशन कर !

नयी शाम के नए उजाले से पावन हों हर घर घर !!


नयी सोच हो , नयी शाम हो, नया एक पैगाम लेकर !

आओ मिलकर दीप जलाये, अपने मनो को उज्जवलित कर !!


भेद मिटाये अपने मनो के, खुसिया बाटे मिलकर !`

रोसन हो हर कोना कोना, भेद भाव सब जलकर !!


Happy Deepawali to INDIA!

May each of us have Prosperity & Happiness

Have a Joyful and safe Deepawali





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sachin gajbhiye

Nice thought….and great to be a part of MES team.

Shyam Rana

Very nice post,,,,,wish you all very happy deepawali..