A tete-a-tete with Mr. Dennis Faxholm


Everyone may have seen the tallest man in campus. But do we really know Mr. Dennis Faxholm? A native of Denmark, he has travelled to or worked in so many countries that multiple hands would be required to count them!

Mr. Faxholm is the COO of L&T Howden and has completed more than five years in India in his current role. We sat down with him to speak about his travels, his other hobbies and interests and experience in India.

Who is Dennis Faxholm?

A family man who enjoys working, is goal oriented, focused and on the path towards constant improvement. He describes himself as aggressive in achieving goals and how can things be done better. He attributes this need for constant improvement as one of the reasons why he may be perceived as negative. However, he also did share that he is unselfish and does find compromises when it is for the benefit of the company or his family.

Work hard, party hard is his mantra and he certainly lives by it! The day begins in the wee hours of the morning before even the Sun has had its cup of coffee with intensive physical training followed by an equal intensity and zeal at the office. This zeal to do it all and achieve it all is also exhibited in his personal life when he recently participated in Desi Warriors competition along with his family.

DF 1

“The more observant would have noticed the bright ties, the colors which are something…bang!”

People certainly notice these unconventional colors and it definitely contributes in building a recall value.

Travel Tales

One of the differences between the West and Asian culture is adventurous trips and backpacking. A concept which gaining popularity in India is ingrained in the West. A conservative culture like ours is more focused on building wealth whereas the other side of the world takes more pleasure in enjoying it.

Mr. Faxholm too embarked on one such journey many years back. He sold his possessions and spent all his savings on a trip. He backpacked along with a friend across South East Asia and Australia, a trip which lasted seven months.

Upon being prodded for some memorable times from this particular trip, he shared two instances with us which had us rolling with laughter!

In Australia, he bought and repaired the Holden HQ, a six cylinder Australian GM manufactured car from the mid-seventies. This car was their mode of transport during this part of the trip.

Holden HQ

While driving through a hilly region in the outback of Australia (an uninhabited region where one can see a couple of cars a day!), while going down the slope, the car was put in neutral gear to conserve petrol. Instead, the gear accidentally was switched to parking mode. Now, our readers can understand what happened next since the car was sailing at 80kmph! The car came to an abrupt halt and the engine died, that too in an isolated place! However, all was not lost. After some time, they tried the ignition, the car did start, and they were on their way.

Another time they visited a picturesque beach in a remote place (again in Australia). Being the only visitors, there was only sand and water for company. The keys of the very same car were tucked in the pocket of a shirt which was tied around the waist. It wasn’t soon when it was discovered that the keys were missing! A eureka moment led to them retracing the only footprints in the sand and finding the keys fifteen minutes later. All was well.

Recently, he visited Kashmir which was one of the most beautiful places he has visited in India. He is a proud owner of Royal Enfield which he would have liked to ride up to Leh Ladakh – which unfortunately will not be possible with the recent lobby formed there on bikers bringing their own vehicles.

Bike trip

We are like that only!!

We then progressed to talk about something closer to home. His life in India. Arguably, one of the strangest behaviors we Indians are guilty of is to take photos of people of other nationalities especially those with distinct features. Given his height, Mr. Faxholm is sure to catch the eyes of many a locals where he has been requested to take photos with them. He noted that “this was prevalent in other Asian countries as well. The difference was that they asked whereas Indians simply clicked away”. Rather rude, don’t you think?

Life outside L&T

Despite spending most of his waking hours with L&T, Mr. Faxholm pursues other interests as well. He is an avid listener of electronic and house music and gave us a glimpse into his playlist. He is also fond of the going to clubs and pubs and Soi 7 in Cyberhub, Gurgaon is his current favorite.

The weekends are devoted to golf although he would like to devote more time to it. He is also a collector of art, which has developed post his move to India. He owns five pieces of most colorful art from a particular artist. Apart from the colors, the size too is noteworthy! Each canvas is 6 feet by 6 feet.

 “Life has to be colorful, it is too short to be anything but colorful”

In conversation with him, the writers were given a glimpse into his travels and adventures, his many passions, which would certainly inspire many to set off on journeys of their own!

-As told to Shruti Vairagkar (LT Howden) and Ayush Jain (LT MHPS)

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Hitesh Chauhan

Great job by Enlightenment team…ver ywell written..It was nice to get to know about Mr. Faxholm