My Imperfect Reflection

By: Priyarupa Sinha (LT MHPS)


Each time I walked through the boulevard of shattered dreams,

You showed an implicit trust in me.

Each time I fell down,

You reminded me of my immaculate records of service.

Each time the swanky world shouted conservative,

You admired me for my restrained behavior.

Each time I ensconced myself for fear of ridicule,

You asked me to validate my presence.

Each time the world turned wreckful,

You were the only one to offer constructive criticism.

Each time the crowd put credence in the common gossip,

You helped me get off the diffident me and fight back.

Each time I look into your eyes,

You remove the self-distrust in me.

Our Relationship is founded on mutual trust,

And I know you will be there in all walks of my life,

Wherever I go… Wherever I go…

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K C Patel

Excellent||| What more a SUPPORT be…

Bhagyesh Badarshahi

Brilliant! Very well composed Priyarupa.

Abhilash Khanvilkar

” Not Everyone Knows you…not everyone matters…
but if the reflection lies…you are articulately disdained by your conscience…
and if it is so…the world shall not spare you…the support will be snatched…
Thats when you change…thats when you mature…that is when you grow tall…”