By: Purvi Asthana (as shared with Ayush Jain (LT MHPS) )



Sitting inside the car,

I watched the raindrops collect on the wind-shield

Like tiny twinkling stars

On my very own personal sky.

Till they began sliding over one another

Till I could differentiate no more

One drop from the other.

The illusion soon cleared as the rain came down harder

And the world outside was once again revealed

And I was brought back from my reverie.

The rain comes down heavily,

I move into the balcony

I can see it all

The yellow sky beyond

The silhouettes of the trees

The rain patters on incessantly,

Singing it’s own sweet melodies.

Is there a lesson here to be learnt?

Have I thus, staring at the rain,

Spent my time wisely?

Yes, no, maybe,

I’ll never know.

For the only thing important right now seems,

This feeling of oneness, this calm, this peace, this eternity.

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