98% of people can’t solve this Einstein Puzzle [Supposedly]

This puzzle is called as Einstein Puzzle and supposedly invented by Albert Einstein as a boy. It is claimed for this puzzle that only 2% of people can solve this.

Story of the puzzle goes like this:

World’s rarest fish has been stolen from the city aquarium.


The Police has followed the scent


to the street with 5 identical looking houses.


But they can’t search all the houses at once. And if they pick the wrong one, the thief will know they are on his trail and will escape.
It’s up to you, the city best detective to solve the case.
When you arrive at the scene police tells you what they know.

1. Each house owner is of different nationality, drinks a different beverage and smokes a different type of Cigar.

2. Each house interior walls are painted with different color.

3. Each house contains a different animal, one of which is the fish.


After few hours of expert sleuthing you gather some few clues.


These are the clues:

It may look like lot of information, but it’s a clear logical path to the solution.
Solving the puzzle will be lot like sudoku. So you may find useful to organize the information in a grid like this.


So go ahead examine your clues and Solve this Puzzle.

Good Luck

Source: TED.com
Submitted By: Gaurav Modi

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Rajiv Sinha

Fish is in House number 4