Hola, “The Singing Wizard-DKC”

“In-Focus”- showcasing Mr. Dilip Chaudhuri who is known for being a Power Professional but is a singing enthusiast at heart.


A Simple Introduction.

Dilip Kumar Chaudhuri or DKC (as he is fondly known), is a name we are all familiar with. Chief Executive of LMB, DKC is one of the most humble people you will ever come across. He is one of those rare people who in spite of his position is approachable to even trainees at work. His simplicity and fair outlook make him one of most respected individuals at work.

We all know DKC in his work role. But who is DKC outside of work?

I would say I am a little unassuming. I get too stuck with my professional life. I always wanted to explore other avenues as well but I was over committing to my work. As I look back, I have done reasonably well for myself with a supportive family, children doing decently well. I enjoy good relationships with most of the people I have come in contact with.

Even today, I feel honored with the way people greet me when I visit my previous company NTPC (where I was an Executive Director).

One Life Mantra.

As Stephen Covey puts it, try building an Emotional Bank Account with a person, an account of trust rather than money. And the following is one of the ways we can do that:

People make mistakes, but don’t judge them instantly. Give them opportunities to correct themselves in personal as well as professional life.

We’ve heard your melodious tones on various occasions. How did you get into singing?

I always had a penchant for singing. I guess partial inspiration came from my elder brother, who was always the singer in the family. I still recollect listening to this weekly countdown show of top filmi songs this program called “Binaca Geetmala” on All India Radio. This was another reason I was always drawn to this art.

How old were you when you started to sing?

I never did any singing on stage before gaining entry to the professional world. An occasional bathroom singer, I used to sing in groups in college. I was lucky enough to be considered for the role of judging for one of the Talent Search Competitions at NTPC Talcher where I was also asked to perform as a guest singer. Another occasion I remember was somewhere in 1992-93 in NTPC Farakka where I performed a couple of songs. Most of my stage performances have been right here in L&T.



A couple of tips on singing from the maestro.

(Smiles on being asked this)

I have always felt one must never hesitate when an opportunity presents itself. For instance, I would always step up for a performance when asked. There was no coaxing required to get me on stage, I feel we should honor/support an individual/team when such a request is made.

And that’s where I derive my confidence. I say, let’s just go out there and sing, rest what happens is at the organizer’s peril (laughs). Generally people curb their voice and do not sing at full scale/pitch of their voice. I just have one advice.

Grab all opportunities that come your way, don’t be conscious of how you will perform and sing with full vigor. Don’t be afraid, go out there and explore how well you can do.

Have you ever tried writing lyrics to a song of your own and performed? If not, which songs are the ones you wish you written the lyrics to ?

I have never written lyrics to any song per-se. But if I had to pick a song or two, I would go with “Ye Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka” (and I just wished he would just continue…melodious voice and a great song) and as second favorite “Diye Jalte Hain” from the movie “Namak Haraam”.


If you could sing a duet with anyone it would be with…?

Asha Bhonsle. She appeared quite late on the singing scene as compared to Lata Mangeshkar and still made a mark for herself in a very short span of time. I usually tend to support underdogs. Also, Asha was one singer that had variety to her voice.

Asha had a voice which one could describe as sexy, Lata somehow seemed bland to me.

Another choice for a dream duet would be with Kishore Kumar. His singing had a connect with the lyrics of the song. He was always able to understand the sentiment and make that essential link with the meaning of song.

As told to Mr. Ayush Jain (LT MHPS)

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K C Patel

Few weeks back, I did ask DKC a question. Whether he performed singing during his college days. The IN FOCUS came right through.I like his advice: Grab all opportunities that come your way, don’t be conscious of how you will perform …