Kyun Barbeque?

By: The GangVani


When the Monday Morning Blues

Fall short on its clues

And the first half is dealt somehow

But the second half gives bore hues

And you get up your chair

For the cafeteria lunch, you don’t care

To fill your bored tummy

With predetermined menued food

But wait , my friend, for there’s a silver line fashion

Across the clouds of the L&T Faridabad station

To serve you kebabs and tikkas and grills of ration

Make way for the Crown Interior Barbeque Nation!!

It’s just at a workplace stone’s throw distance

And to reach there you need no Auto-rickshaw assistance

Step in to have the perfect full team lunch

And the grills won’t just stop to leave a punch

If you dream about chicken in your all day brunch

Just step in there and munch munch and munch


Nicely lit place, but who cares about the light

When the prawns come in front with all their might

The sofas are comfy, but when they bring the kebab of meat

It’s nothing but an edge-of-the-seat-treat .. just EAT!

The waiters are friendly they never will tire

To satiate your hunger or the Monday morning Fire


They will not stop until you ask

And eating will never seem to be a task

The grills will be cooked ninety percent

And you just cannot resist the burning chicken scent

There’ll be a live grill in your table upfront

In which you are expected to get the 10 percent burnt

And you will also get some sauces overlooking

And who doesn’t enjoy that tiny bit of cooking


Don’t worry if you’re in the vegetarian sky

There’s a lot more for you, the ones I didn’t try. 😉

And as one by one the starters start to kill your hunger

And you feel your appetite getting younger and younger


Save some space for there’s more food force,

A grand full buffet which they call Main Course

The dishes were good cooked, I couldn’t appreciate

As I was too full by then, with the starters I ate

But next time I go there, I promised myself

I will keep check on the initial elves

But the best thing about the place is, it’s too office-near

It won’t extend beyond your lunchtime, so don’t office-fear

And the entire food will not cost you much; it is always an ‘Aye’

So what are you waiting for, “Aaj ka lunch wahin ho jaaye?”

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Hitesh Chauhan

Nice POETRY by “the GangVani” 🙂


I compared the evening package with that served at Surat. Some items like drink is absent here and charges are on higher side.Only if you visit for Lunch (on weekdays) you find it pocket friendly.Tough to mange..right ?

K C Patel

I agree completely. I visited the BN few days back. It’s value for money.