Movie Review : Mr and Mrs Iyer

By : Priyarupa Sinha ( L&T-MHPS )

Directed by  :     Aparna Sen

Starring        :      Rahul Bose , Konkona SensharmaPHOTO_Mr and Mrs Iyer

Mr & Mrs Iyer is a finely meshed love story between Raja Chowdhary (Rahul Bose), a Bengali wildlife photographer, and Meenakshi Iyer (Konkona Sensharma), a conservative Tamil Brahmin housewife, who are drawn towards each other under strained and vexing circumstances.

The whole story unfolds in the backdrop of the communal riots and  is primarily about Meenakshi’s muddled religious and cultural identity sparked off by a sudden outbreak of communal discord during a bus journey when she meets a warm-hearted and reliable wildlife photographer Raja , who is a Muslim.

“Mr and Mrs Iyer” can be read as a severe accusation of man’s swinishness towards man. The movie disapproves violence that pursues religion as a justification for its devastating actions. The movie renders the socio-political conditions of India and finely delves into the human temperament under various circumstances.

Rahul Bose and Konkona Sen are both marvelous in their characters. Rahul Bose plays his part with a great compassion and sensitivity and Konkana Sen bowls you over with her flawless acting skills. Aparna Sen’s dexterity at administering scenes in an understated, silent fashion gives them the power to trouble and disturb you for days. The mood of the serene hilly region interrupted by violence is perfectly created by the fusion of tabla maestro Zakir Hussain’s music and lyrics from the poetry of the great Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi.

So for those who are interested in watching some meaningful drama this weekend, I’ll strongly recommend you to watch this one .

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