That time of year when the hour hand is at the stroke of midnight of a fresh life, renewed hope and a new year. It is also a time to cherish those better moments, reflect upon humbler events and use those experiences to emerge wiser.

In this world of greed and power, humanity has returned a casualty. We stand in solidarity with all those anywhere who doggedly defend and stand as a stumbling block to prevent the snuffing out the spirit of liberty of thought and expression. The past month witnessed one such incident in Paris that shook the conscience yet again after it did six years ago in Mumbai. We only hope a sense of semblance prevails at the earliest.

Enlightenment is here again bringing you all the festivities that was the highlight of November-Diwali. Go through it in our @HOME section. The ever popular Picture of the Month section is back with more participation from various units of L&T. Be it with improved cameras in smartphones or offers on sale of DSLRs, L&Tites seem to have photography in their blood.

Winter is the time of hibernation. But, in the world of engineering, there is no respite for anyone and execution must go on. So, we bring to you IN FOCUS, Mr. D. K. Chaudhuri, Chief Executive(EPC, L&T MHPS Boilers), sharing with us his musical side to keep his spirits high even in tough times, as shared with Ayush.

Keep yourself warm this season with good food. We bring you a review of Faridabad’s very own Barbeque Nation written lyrically by The GangVani. Take a journey into authentic South-Indian cuisine with the review of Carnatic Cafe by Rijul.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Let us not blind ourselves to the love of our close ones and learn to manage anger both at home and workplace through Ashruti’s eyes.

To bust boredom in Delhi metro, people have various options.  Sometimes fellow passengers can be the much needed source of entertainment. Here we have a hilarious description of Metro travellers by Shruti. Be amused as you discover in which category you feature.

Music is the universal language of mankind. Let us explore L&T Dhanush’s initiative to unite the entire campus through its musical initiative Taal se Taal Mila, as perceived by Pritha.

Heart has a powerful influence on emotions, thinking and actions. Find out more on this in an article written by Anmol, Heart math, Heartfullness.

Check out in our Biz-Tech section, how you would never feel you missed an event, thanks to Virtual Reality. Enlightenment is growing with continuous feedback from its faithful readers. So, if anyone has Terror of feedback, the Biz article brought to you might be of help.

Explore love in the backdrop of communal riots in the poignant tale of Mr. And Mrs. Iyer as reviewed by Priyarupa.

The Fun section yet again brings to you a challenging puzzle to put pressure on your grey cells. Check out interesting facts on a drink that will help you keep warm this winter in Whacky Web World.

With the days getting colder, with a warm heart let us embrace the year end edition of your very own Enlightenment.

Reach us with your valuable feedback, creative writing, travel stories, reviews or photos at: enlightenment@lntenc.com.

Happy Reading!!!

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Prasenjit Sen

Very well written, keep it up!!


Thank you. You too keep contributing. 🙂


Well connected all elements of Enlightenment, Good one!!


Thank you so much sir…!!! 🙂