Book Review: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

By: Priyarupa Sinha (LT MHPS)

The God of Small Things is the story of an opulent Indian family whose life changes on one unfortunate day. The twins Estha and Rahel- adoring and contentious, see their world shuddered unalterably after the arrival of their lovely cousin, Sophie. The ill-starred episode further leads to an illegitimate affair and misfortunes which are both contingent and deliberate.

The story also sheds light on entrenched prejudices about the caste system which are still encouraged by people. It unveils the confines to which people swear for their article of faith and castigate those violating the norms of the society. The family’s Christian origins and their condescending discernment about other castes are accentuated in the book.

The story divulges itself into unconventional chronology. It leaps through time, directing its way through Rahel’s past memories to her present and attempts at understanding the inevitable consequences witnessed by her family.

Unrestrained, lyrical, and emasculating, the narrative holds the reader with an inflictive fear to know the conclusion. The book is thoroughly enchanting and just makes the reader want to read on, even if the story does not progress the way you might have expected it to be.

The book is surely a pure indulgence and must read for every sensitive and passionate reader.

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Hitesh Chauhan

Definitely a fascinating read for any ardent reader….Nice Review