The Lord of the Drinks – Unleash the Party Animal

By: Ayush Jain (LT MHPS)

A sprawling establishment on the CP Outer Circle, “The Lord of the Drinks” is a spectacle you cannot miss. Occupying almost a whole block, passers-by will be forced to give this place a second look which entices you to explore all it has to offer.


Even as you step into the place, the staircase gives you chills of an entrance to a dungeon. What folds after you enter will hold you spellbound. True to its name, the decor inside does feel like a world inside the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) books and movies.

Shields with intriguing designs, armor ensembles, swords and decor which teleports you to the medieval times are all delicately positioned within the luxury of plush leather couches and a majestic bar which caters to a range of exotic cocktails and the rarest of liquors.




Coming to the delicacies on offer, “Masala Chilli Cheese Fries“, “4 Cheese & Olives” pizza and the colossal “Tandoori Chicken Burger” are some not to miss eats. Another intriguing section on the menu is the “Wicked Wiches” section for some exotic sandwiches.

The drinks section is where the real fun begins. “LOD’s Signature Cocktails” are tantalizing to say the least. “Ace of Swords in Love” & “My Passion” are two cocktails one should definitely try . LOD’s Chuski Bar is another unique experience with one of the favorites being “LIIT with Kala Khatta“.

Another amazing feature of this place is the pace at which the orders are readied and brought to customers at blazing speeds like those of a Lamborghini (a topic for another time !)

After one is done is savoring the enthralling interiors, the rooftop still makes for a mesmerizing experience. Supremely awesome lighting and an amazing open air sound system does instill magic in the atmosphere similar to the LOTR series.


And finally it’s time to UNLEASH the PARTY ANIMAL !!

Post 10 pm, the medieval interiors below instantly transform into the most insane of dance floors. And that’s how this place has earned the title of “EDM Capital of Delhi”. You name the EDM anthems of the world and this place has them. High tempo music makes one want to pull out all their dance moves and jive to the beats.

So, in conclusion if I had to sum this place, its a must visit place and is highly recommended to indulge all your senses.

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wow… thanks for sharing!!! but, any info regarding cost?

Ayush Jain

The cost ranges between 1400-1700 for two, depending on the contents had.