Debate of the Month – “Should We wait for NEW YEAR to Form a RESOLUTION?”


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Lakshmi Narasimhan

Action speaks more than words, start following what you think.
Create an habit and follow it, it forms a part of your character.

Anmol Piplani

Another question…
Why most of new year resolutions fail?
Answering this, we can answer the above question..


There is no “Muhurat” required for doing anything good. I feel it should start “NOW” so why wait for the new year to make a resolution??

Prasenjit sen

Like people wait for Diwali, or Durga puja for celebration, the same way new year pops a flag in your mind for reflection from the past year and build resolution for future based on those.


In support of IC sir’s opinion, awaiting dates to make resolutions is plainly playing into the hands of an evil demon named procrastination.

Indrajit (LTEN)

Dates are just man-made points made in the never-ending flow of “Time”. 1st day of New Year is no different than any other day of the year. The “Time” for the resolution is “NOW”


I think the best day to form a resolution is one’s birthday! That is one’s own new year.

Pritha Banerjee(L&T Power)

I feel, it is always good to start over a new year in a new way. So resolution at new year is the best time for a good start. It provides an additional KICK (in Salman Khan’s language) in you.

Ananya (LTEN)

I feel, if we want to do something, we can do it at any moment. Why to wait for a particular day to do it?

Ayush Jain(L&T Power)

Just as rebuttal to Ananya… Man is creature of habit. And habits die hard. So we look forward to New Years’ time to make resolutions in order to start afresh and break shackles of old habits.