New Year, Time Travel, and Musings

By Shruti Vairagkar (LT Howden)

New Year. A new beginning. A time when one usually reflects on the year gone by and makes plans for the coming year. Or more so, resolutions. To get fit and lose those extra 5 kgs, to spend more time with family, to kick that habit, to travel more and absorb Earth’s beauty, to complete that particular list of must-reads (or at least partially!)

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I was reflecting on the year gone by and marveling at the speed of how time flies. 2014 was fast. 2015 was faster. It made me want to press the ‘pause’ button to admire and enjoy and soak up the joy of the things happening to me and around me, undo some of the damage done, and finish that damn book!

As I thought of the past and the future, my thoughts wandered to time travel. H. G Wells has written a book on it, which is now considered a classic. There’s plenty of research going on out there and the likelihood of it being figured out is somewhere in the future.

Musing on time travel and wanting to travel back in time or the future, the pendulum swung to the past. Now, it wasn’t to remedy some of the regrets. It would have been to share some nuggets of wisdom with my younger self to help her navigate this minefield, otherwise known as life.


What would I tell her? This.

Love and respect yourself. Don’t bother about what people are saying about you. True happiness lies in loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. (Bruno Mars will release a pretty good song on this. Wait for it!)

Speak up. For yourself, your friend, your neighbor, that quiet boy in class who is always bullied, that girl whom you hate but is being picked on by the teacher. Speak up every time you see something wrong. Speak before you lose your voice.

Laugh at yourself. Nobody is perfect and you certainly aren’t Nobody.

Get active. Eat right. Be healthy. It’s easy to burn those calories now. Wait for a few years when the same calories will make your clothes tight and bring a host of other concerns. Make it a habit today so you can have a healthier tomorrow.

Never have any regrets. Don’t let anyone make you regret anything. You did something or said something because you wanted to at that time. Its something you wanted. But exercise some caution… Which brings me to the next point.

group photo

Be inclusive. There are all kinds of people that make up this world. Height, weight, beliefs and value systems, colour of skin, religion, and sexual orientation. Accept them for who they are. Don’t judge.

Make friends with that weird kid. The nerd or the dork. The quietest ones are usually the most fun, you will laugh more and learn with them. (That’s how your closest friend has been by your side for the last couple of decades. Yes, I am calling you a dork!)

Don’t run after popular kids! If they want to be your friend, they will. Don’t change yourself for that. Popularity is not the criteria for friendship. Love, respect, and ability to laugh at each other and not get offended is.

Lastly, life is tough. Life is unfair. It may appear that some have it easy. But everyone is fighting his or her battle. Don’t let that unfairness make you cynical. Live and make it count. There is so much beauty and wonder to experience. Don’t give up. Ever.

So, dear reader, would you travel in past or the future when time travel becomes a reality? And what would you tell your younger or older self?

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Lovely.. Something I would say to my younger self would be ‘Let it go…’
Happy 2016!

Ayush Jain

Ahh…Beautifully Written Shruti. If I had that option to go back in time, I would probably tell my younger self not to be in a rush to get a job, to travel or educate yourself more !!

Shruti Vairagkar

Thank you, Ayush! Weren’t our younger selves in a rush to do “grown up” things like get a job? Now we know how overrated growing up really is! 😉