The green man of campus-Late Shri Ramsewak Kushwaha

Ram Sewak Kushwaha
Ram Sewak Kushwaha

Update: This interview was conducted in the month of January 2016.

This edition we bring the spotlight on Shri Ramsewak Kushwaha whose love and care for plants is well known and appreciated here in the campus. Read on to find more about the man himself.

(This interview was done in Hindi hence it is paraphrased and translated to English as close to original meanings as possible)

Kushwaha ji tell us how you started with gardening as your profession?

I am from Etawah(U.P.) and came to Delhi in 1980 to work in a factory. Infact I am an ‘inter’ pass and was engaged in making conductors in the factory. I used to help a senior there who used to take care of the plants. I would be asked to water and replace soil in the plants along with normal factory duties. In few months the senior quit and the entire responsibility fell on me. I did it till 1989 when the company closed and shifted to another place & I was entrusted with the same responsibility to maintain a small garden in the new office . So quite accidentally I ended up in this profession.

In L& T since..

After my corporate stint ended in 2002, I was unemployed for three years. But I was not completely free. I used to visit various companies to take care of plants. And then I formed a company which is now headed by my eldest son. Since 2006 I am working in L&T taking care of all the indoor plants in cubicles, pathways and in gardens.

Could you tell us little more about this Company of yours:

Our company GreenLeaf Designers takes contracts from corporates for maintenance of plants inside offices spaces. Few of our clients include SSR Corporate Park and Vatika Mindscapes.


We have all witnessed your dedication towards tending to plants. Tell us about how you feel doing it.

Plants have a life. I am very much attached to them.

I care for plants more than I do for my children. They are very dear to me.

I never kill a plant simply because I tend to them myself with these very hands. It pains me to see environment getting destroyed.

Kushwahaji these days with space being a constraint, people are opting for terrace and balcony gardening. What would you advice them as to the kind of plants?

There are a lot of indoor plants available which can be used for gardening like for instance some of the plants kept in our office. It has a natural property to absorb odour and unpleasant air. Since mostly indoors, these plants require regular spraying at its leaves to keep it moist. Every fifteen days it needs to be kept in sunlight otherwise it will lose its vigour. Without these two things being regular activities the plants would not be as good and fresh as it should be.

In the end Kushwahaji urges every one of us to pledge this:

Paryawarn Bachana hai, salgirah aur birthday pe Paudhe lagana hai

As shared with Vignesh and Gaurav Modi (LTEN)

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DS Kapoor

Ramsevak – You were a true Sevak of nature. We miss your soft presence in the campus. More than us, it is your friends – the plants, who feel your absence.

May God bless your soul to rest in peace….


I miss u…..


A great respect to Ramsevak ji and his work.

anjani kishor

In my 9 years of experience at L&T Fbd, I have seen ramsewak ji tirelessly working in campus without expecting any acknowledgement. A very nice and gentle person to talk to and learn from.

Vignesh & Gaurav….great work guys.

K C Patel

Few of my friends at Ahmedabad accept indoor/ outdoor plants only as gifts on occasions. Extra are planted by them to public/private premises with tips plus compost fertilizer. Mr. Kushwaha’s advice is well taken.!!!!


I love this idea of bringing out the unknown heroes and soldiers of our campus, in focus.

Hitesh Chauhan

yes Completly agree with Kushwahaji….Paryawaran Bachana h to Salgirah and birthday p paudhe lagana h…kudos to him!


I do relay admire his dedication towards plants care..Never had any talk with him..but full respect towards him..I really loved the idea of interviewing him..

Deepak Kumar Gupta

Nurturing Nature….