Rose Cafe – Review

With few lovey-dovey occasions around the corner (you know what I mean. Can’t be too obvious about it for some obvious reasons :P), I am sure you all would be scratching your heads to decide on one place to take someone out this weekend. Well I do understand your feelings & I have one place to suggest… ‘ROSE CAFÉ’. Consider this suggestion as a Mouth-watering Dessert being served on your plate.

This place is situated in the South part of Delhi close to Saket metro station. Location is easily accessible through roads & public transport. To give you an exact location, hit the MB road which is going towards Qutub Minar, take a left from the Saket metro station, a walk of 200 meters, halt, look towards your right side & there you are. – ‘Rose Café’ with a bluish greenish wooden gate embedded in a pink coloured brick wall. The first glance will not give it a fancy looking restaurant. So don’t go by its outward appearance.


Café Rose was on my to do- list for almost two years. Finally, I called up my very close friend Ms. Mopi who is as crazy as I am in terms of food & restaurant hopping. My desperation to visit & explore this restaurant was succinctly transferred into madam Mopi. In the end I had company this Sunday to try out one of the amazing brunches spot in Delhi. Thanks to her. You gotta find some like her, truly justifying the statement ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

The entrance will give you a cozy, warm, loving, cute feeling, enticing you to desperately pick a seat at the outdoor seating area. Lemme warn you, it’s quite a busy restaurant especially during weekends.


The British décor & the soothing ambience with a blend of pastel shades will win your heart. Next item on the list to win you over is the food.


Type of Food

Serves AlcoholApprox cost for two
Italian, Lebanese, Continental & Mediterranean cuisines.Only beer & Wine

Rs 1200 – 1500

The menu offers a blend of Italian, Lebanese, Continental & Mediterranean food. It has one of the best finger licking food items which are comparable to any hi-fi restaurant in Delhi.

As per Zomato, recommended items were ‘Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Espresso Cake with whipped cream and Caramel Sauce, Mint Lemonade Infused with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Mezze Platter’. But to your surprise and to mine as well, we did not order anything from the recommended list.  Mopi & I laid our hands on the drink menu first which had beer & wine mentioned on a small piece of card. We ordered a pitcher of Shangria (with white wine base). The food & drinks order made at our adjacent table helped us a lot in finalizing our drinks orderJ. Small black boards placed on the walls or near the table area were as helpful as any menu would be. So it would help you to choose the Chefs special or talk of the town dishes. I ordered ‘Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak’ & Mopi ordered ‘Roast Chicken’.


Sipping through our Shangria Glasses with our girly chats, least bothered about the Rose Café crowd, we continued with our jabbering. The only thing which could finally SHUT us up was the amazingly served food on our plates. We took a deep breathe, complimented the waiter…..Wait wait wait- Not the waiter, she was the owner. This came as a surprise to us. Her humility as she was going to every single table, giving them undivided attention, asking their preferences & their likings, gave this restaurant an edge over lot many restaurants in Delhi. We were stuffed since the portions served were enough for one & thus couldn’t order deserts. I will definitely go some other time just to try out shakes & deserts. Do lemme know if anyone of you visits this place in future.

Rose café provides you peaceful time & space to talk without much of distractions like loud music & hustle bustle of the city. A comfortable cosy place with good food & ambience – What else do we need right?  Do grab a table this weekend to create some warm, loving memorable moments with your close friends & family. Share your feedback with us….

Ohhh Wait Guys I found something for you. Do try this out and have an awesome weekend at Rose café. Don’t forget to buy a rose.


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