Should VALENTINE’S DAY be celebrated?

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,is a celebration observed on February 14 each year, when many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.”


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Should VALENTINE’S DAY be celebrated?

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#FOR: What I feel is, everyday cannot be a day of celebration. The joy that we get by celebrating something will never be received if we do it all 365 days. Basically, it will be boring and monotonous then. Whatever we celebrate is only to make that day a little different from others… be it dedicated to mythical figures or actual individuals.


#FOR For people who give the logic of celebrating everyday as Valentine’s day, we do not come out with such logic when it comes to Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Kali Puja etc etc.

We are happy with spending money and dedicating almost each one of the available 365 days to some mythical figures but we are against taking time out to express our feelings to people we love.


Ali Tarab Rizvi



#FOR: Well pointed out by Mr. Nayak, Valentine’s day does not discriminate between individuals based on religion or caste. Its just to spread love. So, it is much better celebrating it.

Debabrata Nayak

Let me tell you some benefits of Valentines day!
Around 64 odd number of festivals are celebrated every year by different religious communities in India. Irrespective of any religious consent, Valentines day integrates all Indians (in addition to Independence Day, Republic Day and Cricket match of course!!).
With so much tension around (terrorism, asahishnuta, anti – nationalism, non- humanitarian act), Valentines Day comes as a wave of love. Is it wrong to spread love?
It’s harmless. For couples, it would be a dining date. And for singles, maximum it would end up forwarding love messages across whats’ app.

Anmol Piplani

#FOR: Totally agree with both Rashi and Ananya.
Only one point…if we can have mother’s day and father’s day, we can have valentine’s day too. No harm.

Rashi Rawal

#AGAINST: Everyday should be celebrated as the Day of Love.. Why only one day?? On monday, give a flower to your wife…On Tuesday, send a gift to your mother… On Wednesday, tell your father how much you love him.. On Thursday, talk to God and express your love for Him… On Friday, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself…On Saturday, call your old friends and appreciate the bond you share.. On Sunday, visit an orphanage/ old age home and share moments of happiness with the children/ old people. There are 3 more weeks… Read more »

Henal Shah

Very True !

Nitin Anand

My vote is “least bothered”..
But your write up made me give another thought to it.. Nice words (Y) 🙂


#FOR: If a day gives you a chance to express your love for someone, or just remind your loved one that you still love him/her, what’s the harm in celebrating?


#FOR: At times we do need a reason to express ourselves. Maybe everyday we are with the person we love. But a special day, a special date can bring a difference making it a special moment. So why not a day in the name of love? I think, valentines day should be celebrated.