The Indelible Memory

By: Priyarupa Sinha (LT MHPS)




I am standing still and alone,

in a hope of evanescing from the somber past.

But, my mind refuses to settle.

It regresses back to the appalling night ,

that left me too weak to stand up,

that left too shattered to ever feel any emotion,

that rubbed out all my dignity.

I am still caught up in the hysteria ,

and my soul shouts from the caliginous confinements of the Gehenna,

where my body was left to rot.

My heart tries to scrabble hard against the afflictive emotions,

but fails repeatedly.

The complications of my everyday life have started killing me .

All I want now, is to escape .

That terribly gravel voice is still following me,

impeding my escape route to the world,

and all I am left with is a “vacant expression”.

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Alokesh Goswami

Khub Bhalo

Dipakkkumar Pandey

Nice Lines….!!!!