FACE OFF – Your Favourite Superhero and Why?

This edition of OPINION we take you into your world of superheroes!

Write about your favourite superhero and why he or she is the BEST!!



To participate in this discussion, please reply in the Comment section using #<SUPERHERO NAME> and put forth your views.






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#one piece: the journey in the seas that never ends in search of one piece. Luffy.. wannabe Pirater king, Zoro.. Wannabe best Swordsman, Ussop, etc…… The characters are so full of energy and feelings.

Rashi Rawal

#The Powerpuff Girls: SWEET, SUGAR AND EVERYTHING NICE. AND BOOM!!! Came the powerpuff girls… Displaying their bravery along with being great friends, daughters, citizens and superheroes.. Always proved that whatever may be the situation.. If you stay together , you will always win….

Pranav (Railways)

#Deadpool: The fourth wall,Dead pool’s habit of turning directly to the reader and speaking to them makes him stand in a league of his own.Also who could forget the dream ability to regenerate any destroyed tissue at a superhuman rate, as well as making him immune to diseases.On top of that his comic timing is just awesome…#greatblog#superherolove

Mohamed Zakir

#Tom & Jerry ….. being with us from our childhood to enjoy every moment of life ..

Ashish Patidar

#Naruto:Lots of Super Powers (KageBunshin , Rasengan , Rasen shuriken , and the best one sage mode and a lot). Having ability of creating multiple clones to fight efficiently.Very Inspirational series – From zero to leader of a Village.

Prashant Rajpoot

#Naruto: Dattebayoo….Which means believe in yourself is the motto of above character. Being ostracized by his village, never let his WILL down & ultimately he makes his way by making everyone acknowledge him from his deeds.
Have A WILL to fight for.

Anmol Piplani

#Professor Xavier…. Can control all….

Manish Sharma

# SWAT KATS displaying their flying skills with their Jet TurboKAT displaying excellent team coordination were my favorite. !!


Aaah… I have always loved #SWATKATS from my childhood. Grew up watching T-Bone and Razor save Katcity… 🙂

Rijul Nadkarni

#Ironman – His classy suit armour (Jarvis) apart , he’s only a Genius , Billionaire , Charmer & Philantropist . Enough said .

Manish Sharma

Is it just because of the Ironman as a character or Robert Downey jr. making the character iconic???

Rijul Nadkarni

Haha no . Being in the women’s day week , just like behind every successful man there’s a woman . Behind every successful suit armour , there’s a brain and that is Tony stark and not Robert Downing Jr. !

Anubhav Mishra

#WONDER WOMAN: Do I need to explain why?????

Manish Sharma

Yes sir go ahead !!


Yes Anubhav… will you please explain??? 😛


Always Enjoy # TOM & JERRY:Their Never Ending Race…Just Love it..I keep smiling even at their smallest of acts.

Ashruti Baranwal

#Kungfu Panda:He is fat, he is cute, he is beyond imagination, he is a dreamer, a believer, a commoner yet with a purpose in life. He makes me smile with his great sense of humor. He makes me believe in myself coz that’s the secret ingredient of our happy life.


his awwwwsomeness is filled with so much of awesomeness which makes him the awesomest of awesome.


#Kungfu Panda:“There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.”

Rohit Sinha

#Phantom , my childhood hero