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Hello friends, back with a new article-Immortality.

Hope you have read the last article on Freedom-Science and spirituality.

In this article I again put forward question of real nature of us, human beings.

Who are we? Where do we come from? What should we do? Where are we going? Why are we here? What is reality?

Are we just a result of random genetic selection by nature as proposed by Darwin or something more?

Are we simply chemical, biological machines-this body?

I am sure we all have heard numerous instances of people claiming that they know things from their past lives and that they have experienced much more than just being human when they have a near death experience. To some who have religious background which support this belief, believe it, for others it is just make-believe.

So let’s just start with Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. He is the author of famous book-‘Many lives, Many Masters


In his professional career, He went on to become Head of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Medical Centre, Miami. He has a catholic background which doesn’t support the existence of past life.

So he is a person who is clearly scientific and with no cultural or religious background which supports this belief. (So, here make-believe notion wouldn’t stand)

As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss, spent years in the disciplined study of the human psychology, training his mind to think as a scientist and a physician.

He wouldn’t trust anything which could not be proven scientifically.

One day, a patient named Catherine visited him. She too was from catholic background. She had anxiety problems, panic attacks, nightmares and insomnia. She used to have nightmares as a child and now they were returning.

He started her cure by standard text book treatment of pills, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, etc. But these would only alleviate symptoms and not touch the root cause.

During the sessions they also explored her feelings, thoughts and dreams. When patients share their suppressed feelings of their past, they often improve, but she did not.

So when medicinal treatment and counselling sessions didn’t help her, they tried Hypnotism, which is also a part of traditional treatment by unravelling sub-conscious.

She remembered all the past experiences-drowning in water, etc… But her symptoms didn’t end.

So, he did another session of hypnotherapy. This time he suggested, “Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise.” And what they found that she had regressed back to 1863 B.C.  This was a surprise to both the doctor and patient. And from here the unravelling of her past life began.

I will let the readers discover the rest of the book. In all they studied her around 10 past lives. These sessions lasted for two years or so. In the end she completely recovered. She also discovered the relation between her past and present life circumstances and how she was related to people close to her in earlier lives.

But journey of Dr. Brian Weiss didn’t end here. He went on with his experiments on past lives with help of hypnotherapy. Not only he did regressions, he also tried with progressions, that is, reading future lives. In progressions, he read the patient’s future. Then he suggested the patient to change his attitude, belief and ideas about life or life events and let go of past through acceptance and forgiveness. Then again he read the future lives of the patient and found that the future reading had changed. Not only had he conducted individual sessions of progression but also group sessions, to have an inkling of future of mankind. And he found that a great change in the world is impending.

This can be found in his other book- ‘Same soul, many bodies’.


Not after listening to Dr. Brain Weiss, let us see what Swami Vivekananda says about Immortality (an excerpt)

Inside of it all, behind all this vast mass of what we call life, of millions of forms and shapes, millions upon millions of varieties, beginning from the lowest atom to the highest spiritualised man, we find existing a certain unity. Every day we find that the wall that was thought to be dividing one thing and another is being broken down, and all matter is coming to be recognised by modern science as one substance, manifesting in different ways and in various forms; the one life that runs through all like a continuous chain, of which all these various forms represent the links, link after link, extending almost infinitely, but of the same one chain. This is what is called evolution….

There is one thing more, which the ancients perceived, but which in modern times is not yet so clearly perceived, and that is involution. The seed is becoming the plant; a grain of sand never becomes a plant. It is the father that becomes a child; a lump of clay never becomes the child. From what does this evolution come, is the question. What was the seed? It was the same as the tree. All the possibilities of a future tree are in that seed; all the possibilities of a future man are in the little baby; all the possibilities of any future life are in the germ. What is this? The ancient philosophers of India called it involution. We find then, that every evolution presupposes an involution. Nothing can be evolved which is not already there….

A saint is a worm evolved and worm is a saint involved.

We have seen that everything in this universe is indestructible. There is nothing new; there will be nothing new…..

No force can die, no matter can be annihilated. What becomes of it? It goes on changing, backwards and forwards, until it returns to the source from which it came….

You and I must be part of the cosmic consciousness, cosmic life, cosmic mind, which got involved and we must complete the circle and go back to this cosmic intelligence which is God. This cosmic intelligence is what people call Lord, or God, or Christ, or Buddha, or Brahman, what the materialists perceive as force, and the agnostics as that infinite, inexpressible beyond; and we are all parts of that.

We see, then, that the Self of man is not the body, neither is It thought. It cannot be a compound. Why not? Because everything that is a compound can be seen or imagined. That which we cannot imagine or perceive, which we cannot bind together, is not force or matter, cause or effect, and cannot be a compound. The domain of compounds is only so far as our mental universe, our thought universe extends. Beyond this it does not hold good; it is as far as law reigns, and if there is anything beyond law, it cannot be a compound at all. The Self of man being beyond the law of causation, is not a compound. It is ever free and is the Ruler of everything that is within law. It will never die, because death means going back to the component parts, and that which was never a compound can never die.

If anything is beyond death, we naturally see it must also be beyond life. I must remind you of the first conclusion that the soul of man is part of the cosmic energy that exists, which is God. We now find that it is beyond life and death. You were never born, and you will never die. What is this birth and death that we see around us? This belongs to the body only, because the soul is omnipresent….

Then what is this coming and going? It is the hallucination produced by the change of this fine body which you call the mind. That is going on. Just a little speck of cloud passing before the sky. As it moves on and on, it may create the delusion that the sky moves…

You are the omniscient, omnipresent being of the universe. But of such beings can there be many? Can there be a hundred thousand millions of omnipresent beings? Certainly not. Then, what becomes of us all? You are only one; there is only one such Self, and that One Self is you.

There is only One Being, One Existence, the ever-blessed, the omnipresent, the omniscient, the birthless, deathless.

Wherever there are two, there is fear, there is danger, there is conflict, there is strife..

 “In this world of many he who sees the One, in this ever changing world he who sees Him who never changes, as the Soul of his own soul, as his own Self, he is free, he is blessed, he has reached the goal.” Therefore know that thou art He; thou art the God of this universe, “Tat Tvam Asi” (That thou art). All these various ideas that I am a man or a woman, or sick or healthy, or strong or weak, or that I hate or I love, or have a little power, are but hallucinations.

 Know that every thought and word that weakens you in this world is the only evil that exists. Whatever makes men weak and fear is the only evil that should be shunned. What can frighten you? If the suns come down, and the moons crumble into dust, and systems after systems are hurled into annihilation, what is that to you? Stand as a rock; you are indestructible. You are the Self, the God of the universe. Say — “I am Existence Absolute, Bliss Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, I am He,” and like a lion breaking its cage, break your chain and be free for ever. What frightens you, what holds you down? Only ignorance and delusion; nothing else can bind you. You are the Pure One, the Ever-blessed……….”


So as understood from both- experiment of a psychotherapist and spiritual philosophy by Swami Vivekananda, we are not our bodies. We are not simply biochemical beings. We are something beyond. There is more to us. We are something beyond time and space. Our existence is eternal. To unravel THIS mystery of ours in our awareness is Spirituality.

The book from Dr. Brian Weiss we just discussed tells how our lives are conditioned even by our past life experiences. In east they have called it Karma. Being entangled in Karma is being woven into fabric of cause and effect. There is another word for it- Samskara. Samskaras also takes into account our thoughts, not just actions, in deciding destiny of a being in this material world.

In last article we discovered how our freedom is limited by the influence of environment. But here, we see that bondage is not restricted to present life, our past lives also bind us to the cycle of cause and effect.

Heartfulness meditation, as described earlier, includes concept of cleaning. The practitioner practices this cleaning every evening removing the impressions gathered in mind due to thoughts and actions of that day. But past impressions of this life and also our previous lives still linger on. Here comes the role of Heartfulness trainer and the Guide. Through the extent of their approach, they are able to clean past impressions in us, make us purer, making our way to real freedom.  We become free from overburdening emotions, thoughts and habits.

The burden becomes less and less and brings lightness and joy in our lives.

On the other hand, meditation helps us regulate our mind so as to internalize it and prevent any further gathering of impressions. We carry on with all activities of the world with stillness of mind.

In long run, we reach a stage in which no cleaning and no meditation is required and we live in that eternal state of freedom, and thus this purity weaves destiny of the being with the Reality, with the ONE.

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