Train to Pakistan – Book Review

By : Priyarupa Sinha ( LT-MHPS)


Khushwant Singh uncloaks our country’s history that still remains alive in the hearts and minds of many. The novel narrates the partition of India and  gives a vivid account of the massacres of the Hindus and the Muslims at that time. In lieu of delineating the Partition in terms of  the political events enveloping it, Singh thrusts into profound local emphasis, providing a human aspect which brings to the episode a sense of actuality and dreadfulness.

The novel focuses on the turbulent situation of the country that seems to embody the psyche of many people till date. Singh sketches his characters with unfaltering  perfection and unmistakable stamp of authenticity. While the entire country is waging a war of partition, the village of Mano Majra, situated on the India-Pakistan border, is unprovoked. The Sikhs and Muslims have been living together since time immemorial until an unfortunate incident of a train full of Sikh dead bodies, reaches Mano Majra, which ultimately dooms the village to perdition. . At the backdrop of partition , Singh weaves a heart wrenching love story of Juggat Singh a Sikh who falls in love with Nooran, a Muslim girl .The novel ends depicting love winning over religion.

The book has perhaps come from one of the most nervy authors of his time . Singh has presented the partition very boldly and manages to keep the readers glued to the dexterously woven narrative . The book is a must read for those who want to get a glimpse of what happened as a backwash of one of the saddened episodes in the history of our nation.

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anil kumar

I have readout the khuswant singh in his novel ABOUT DELHI.
nice information…!

Anubhav Saxena

Nice Review.. Keep it up..

Ali Tarab Rizvi

One of my favourite books….