Creations – Artwork @LNT

Art is not what you see but what you make others see….


Harmony of life With Lord Krishna (By: Karthie Venkatesh, Spouse of Venkatesh Jeyaraman (LTG))

Naved Alam's Wife (LTEN)

Defining colors in our life (By: Ms. Saba Alam, Spouse of Naved Alam (LTHE))

Knockout Punch – Manasranjan Sutar (Railways BG)

Feel the heat of an explosive PUNCH” Aouuchhh”(By: Mr. Manasranjan Sutar – RLBU)

The divine Mahadev himself– Paurnami Udayan (Sibling of Pranav Udayan –Railways BG)

Absorbing into the mesmerizing divinity of Devo ke Dev ‘Mahadev’ (By: Ms. Paurnami Udayan , Sibling of Pranav Udayan –RLBU)

Alsat (LT MHPS)

Ulte chasme ki hai kya kahani, janiye Alsat ki Zubani (By: Mr. Alsat – LT MHPS)

Indrajit Chattopadhyay (LT HE)

A road to travel to unravel the mysteries of life (By: Mr. Indrajit Chattopadhyay – LTHE)

Rakesh Kumar Sharma (LTG) - Sachin

Dedicated to Sachin’s fan who missed seeing him on screen during 20-20 World cup (By: Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma – LTG)

Prashant Rajpoot (LMB)

Love can heal everything & so can a ‘Jaadoo ki jhappi’ (By: Prashant Rajpoot (LT MHPS) )

Mahesh M (LMB)

‘Face of Innocence’ –  Kanahiya in his naughty avatar (By: Mahesh M (LT MHPS))

Leeza Mundaden (LTHE Vadodara)

Shine like a diamond in the sky (By: Leeza Mundaden (LTHE Vadodara))

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Beautiful Creations!!