Kingdom of Dreams – Review

By: Ananya Majumdar (LTEN)

If you are bored of your regular weekends and want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, Kingdom of Dreams is a perfect place to be in. Located at a walking distance from IIFCO Chowk Metro station, Gurgaon, this place is sure to give you an experience of a dreamland.


One of the attractions here is “Culture Gully”. It is an air conditioned indoor street-like area with an artificial sky that will give you a feeling of the time being held up permanently between  4pm-5pm. Here you are most likely to spend hours on and still feel the time hasn’t moved a second!


It consists of a central gully and buildings on either side. The walk through the gully will lead you to various food bars and themed restaurants that are reasonably priced but, the taste lasts long in your tongue.  Along with food there are numerous home décor shops and junk jewellery too. Walking through this Gully one can experience an ethereal view of the various architectures that demonstrate the diversity of India.


From Snacks to desserts, Culture Gully has a unique blend of flavours to offer. There is some form of Indian dance in display on the streets at regular intervals ranging from “Bhangra” from the North to “Bihu” from the East.


From here we proceed to the Nautanki Mahal which showcases Indian culture in Bollywood style. It’s the biggest live entertainment show one can dream to experience, with its glamour packed entertainment. It features modern use of technology with stage lifting arrangements and aerial acts. The set created for the musical plays are of a different league.


There is another hall Showshaa in the campus, which houses magic shows on weekends. It houses Corporate functions too.

All in all, Kingdom of dreams, though a bit expensive, is a must try place. After you are out of the place, you will realize, the day was well spent and every penny spent was worth it.

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Prasenjit sen

Well written and nicely brought the flavours for the readers!! Well done Ananya.


Its really an awesome place and we enjoyed a lot visiting with friends. Lets plan and go there sometime.