FACE OFF – Your Favourite TV Series and Why?

This edition of OPINION we take you into your world of TV Series!

Write about your favourite TV Series and why it is the BEST!!!


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#FRIENDS: You can’t say anything more resembling to your own life than this oddly mismatched group of friends. Humorous in it’s own way, it depicts life in it’s raw form. You can just watch any episode any time, it wont disappoint you; rather will make you smile, remembering nostalgic moments with your own friends.


#Silicon vally: The series is about a new startup at Silicon Vally..It is comedy show showing how a team of geek IT engineers struggles to start a Data compression company..they face lots of problems related to funds, previously established market players, technical difficulties etc.Its one of the best ongoing series produced HBO


#MENTALIST: The ability to read human mind by studying his facial and body posture and using this skill to solve homicide cases. Too Addictive to stop between series.

Rashi Rawal

#CASTLE: An interesting lot of cases solved by a smart woman cop and a filthy rich, successful Casanova author.. Just loved the series…



Ayush Jain

#GAME OF THRONES: This is month of GOT. This season is bound to leave you spell bound with ominous battles looming ahead, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros shall are more in chaos than ever as the White Walkers take centre stage.


#FRIENDS! Comedy can’t get better than this! Pick up any episode from any season and it would not disappoint you!