May 2016


Wit, Humour and Laughter. Three things that define a well balanced, self assured society. Non-gleefully it is time to point out these three [...]

The Restaurant Corner Table

By –  Indrajit Chattopadhyay (LTHE) Pushing the heavy swing doors of the restaurant, he looked up towards the clock; exactly 2:30 in the [...]

The Divine Poet-Thiruvalluvar

By-  Mr. Prakash K. (LT MHPS) Thiruvalluvar was a Tamil poet and philosopher who contributed the classic Couplet Thirukkural to Tamil literature. Thiruvalluvar [...]

Epitome of Classical Dances

By: Mr. Ayush Jain (LT MHPS) India has a rich cultural heritage, endowed with most eclectic and beautiful of dance forms. Whether it [...]