Wit, Humour and Laughter. Three things that define a well balanced, self assured society. Non-gleefully it is time to point out these three things have started to become more of a liability with a propensity for trouble rather than a barometer for the well being of its practitioners.

Over the years, our civilization has been enriched by some of the finest minds who boldly held a giant mirror to us enabling to laugh at our glaringly obvious foolishness. This might entail us to believe that these are of higher order philosophies, but  they are indeed not. It is for us to look into it and plug the loopholes in us if we wish to. The time comes twice, when the mirror is not held up. One, if all the loopholes of society are plugged, two, Mirror held up is shattered by stones. When latter happens, it is for all us to take a serious notice.  At this juncture we need to pause, reflect and reconcile.

A wise saying goes,It is time to speak up, when you are not heard. The success of civilization depends not on its gracious capacity to facilitate a like minded speech of many but provide hearing to a unlike speech of just one. If that is assured, sanity in human race is certified. The road to that starts from homes and offices and between friends and families.

The past month bore us an unfortunate piece of news in the form of a valuable colleague meeting with an accident while riding a bike. Not wearing helmet was one of the reason for injuries sustained. While we wish speedy recovery to the concerned, we would hold this up as a stark reminder and reiterate the importance of following safety rules especially wearing helmets on roads. We urge you to respect safety norms diligently everywhere.
It is a serious grey cloud area if for so many years India had not been able to produce one women gymnast worthy of competing in Quadrennial sporting jamboree. But this time we finally found a silver lining in that grey cloud. A young 22 year old Dipa Karmakar has done India proud by bagging the rights for entry into the competition by performing the most difficult vault-produnova. The achievement is solely hers since, despite the chronic handicaps of sporting facilities that athletes suffer, she has come out with flying colours. May this achievement be a inspiration for many more such glories to come  and prod superior training facilities for athletes.
 With this hope in this glorious summer ,here,presenting Enlightenment the May Edition.

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