Restaurant Review-Have you been #Farzified yet?

By- Ashruti Baranwal (LTHE)

Connaught Place, the heart & pride of the capital city, is catching up with the smartest crowd of Delhi NCR, leaving no stones unturned to attract them. It has been crowned as one of the most happening places in Delhi/NCR and sort of a status symbol in case you want to flaunt on social networking sites (No authentic source except Ms. Ashruti Baranwal). Reason is, plethora of amazing cafés decorating CP as a newly wedded bride, becoming the talk of the town & the entire mohalla visiting the nayi dulhan with expecting eyes. Farzi café will not disappoint you. This café is a modern bistro with a desi heart. Situated right in the middle of CP in inner circle E Block, Farzi cannot go unnoticed.


This café is a modern bistro with a desi heart.”


The moment I entered this café I realized that these cafes are always on their toes to survive the cut throat competitive environment they are all into. Farzi will provide a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance. The ambience will allow you to explore this place with wide open eyes, ensuring no corner is untouched. It has creative offerings for their guests bringing smiles on their faces.

The bar cannot go unnoticed for it takes almost ¼ of the Farzi’s space. Nicely kept glasses with beakers & almost all the instruments which we used during our chemistry lab sessions can be witnessed out there.


For cocktail lovers, it is a must try.. I highly recommend the Farzi Style section on the menu card. The mixology done with the preparation of the cocktails will leave you totally besotted. Cocktails like “Chai Pani” that comes in a kettle with infused flavors of tea and a hint of coffee as well as a sliver of orange peel on the side will blow you away. The so called High tech sophisticated waiters will be seen wearing a blue tooth device & the hospitality offered by them cannot be questioned.


One of my friends told me that this café provides a complimentary starter to all their guests. I went with great expectations after all complimentary starter ka sawaal tha…We humans are damn funny. Willing to pay thousands of rupees for few starters but complimentary starters are the ones which satiates us the most. Bringing your attention to the complimentary starters being served at Farzi – wait for it “ Was totally Farzi ” … It was actually complimentary sweet shots which came on a smoky tray and on it were tiny white mishit doi shot bowls.


There is no dearth of creative ways of presentation at Farizi café. Be prepared for more. The journey towards self-foodalization was incomplete without checking out the food menu. Frankly I got lost looking at the menu. This menu is totally meant for Farzi people J, for people who will not use much of their head & instead go with their inner voice. A voice which understands its owner’s taste buds well enough to make the right kind of a choice.



Farzi offers wide range of modern mixed desi style starters starting from chawal & daal mixed in a peculiar style to pav bhaji with a combination of some italiano… Uff the menu was too complicated yet fun to read the brief descriptions on each of the items listed on it. The main course will offer south Indian dishes amalgamated with Thai, Italian cuisines perfectly blending the two & ready to explode our ever hungry food organ which is preferably known as “Tummy”. I guess I need to have a second visit to fully justify my review on Farzi Café. There is lot to explore yet. One visit is not enough. Aaaghaaz aisa that oh anjaam acha hi hone tha… I was eagerly waiting for a perfect ending like a Bollywood style where everybody is happy & Farzi kept its promise by its last presentation of the evening – a typewriter along with a bill & sugar cotton Paan candies in  Gujiya style bidding us farewell & wishing to come and visit them again.

Farzi cafe

In a nutshell, Farzi’s promising innovative experiments from both bar & kitchen will definitely list it as one of the top 10 blockbuster cafes in the town. It has given a new dimension & level to experimentation & creativity for the Food artists. I am sure this place will not disappoint you. Lot of people have told me that I review all high fi restaurants… & even this time I have picked up a café which will drain out some money from your bank balance. Trust me it’s worth it. For two, it will cost around Rs 1500/- excluding drinks. One word advice: go & do some “ Farzipana” in Farzi Café. Visit soon….

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