ReBUS Puzzle

If you REALLY like exercising your brain,
figuring things ’round and ’round till you explode,
then this is the page for you !

Whosoever shall solve these puzzles shall Rule The Universe!

… or at least they should … :p

Decode these simple crypts using your own Science of Deduction.

Post your answers in the comment box.

1. ReBUS puzzle 1

2. ReBUS puzzle 2

3. ReBUS puzzle 3

4. ReBUS puzzle 4

ReBUS puzzle 5

6. ReBUS puzzle 6

7. ReBUS puzzle 7

8. ReBUS puzzle 8

9. ReBUS puzzle 9

10. ReBUS puzzle 10

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Zaid Bin Nafees

1- travel overseas (over C’s)
2- top secret
3- up for grabs (up 4 grabs)
4-foriegn aid (4 in aid)
5-robinhood (rob inside of hood)
6-london bridge (L on D on bridge)
7- Gravity (conventional standard value of gravitational acceleration on earth)
8-to be or not to be
9-walk in the park
10-frozen water cube = ice cube