Book Review – The White Tiger

By – Priyarupa Sinha (L&T MHPS )

The White Tiger 2

Aravind Adiga in his novel provides a dark humorous vision of class throes prevailing in India. The novel strives to delineate the autobiography of the people belonging to the humongous underclass of our nation, through retrospective narration from the protagonist, a village dweller. Adiga ,quite appropriately renders the disparities existing due to the class system and aptly describes it as the two worlds; the darkness, inhabited by indigent and underprivileged striving hard to meet the bare minimum; and the lighted world, inhabited by bureaucrats , politicians, etc. who unblushingly abuse the laws and exploit the ones from darkness.

The non conventional protagonist of The White Tiger is Balram Halwai, a poor Indian villager devoid of any formal education who artfully paves his way to attain a place for himself in the acme of the Indian business domain . The  novel is a compilation of letters Balram writes over a period of seven days to Wen Jiabo, the Chinese Premier. In detailing Balram’s journey first to Delhi, where he works as a chauffeur to a rich landlord, and then to Bangalore, where he begins his career as an entrepreneur, the novel examines issues of religion, caste, loyalty, corruption and poverty in our nation.

Adiga , brilliantly describes the uncertain life of the financially weaker sections without sketching them in a wretched and miserable conditions and  instead takes to dark humor to paint a realistic picture of the emotional facets of the protagonist .He enwraps the readers completely with his unusual wit and proves his narrative genius in this one .The book is strongly recommended for the cynical Indian audience.

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Hitesh Chauhan

nice review of the book