Current Affairs or general awareness is a skillset which forms an important and inevitable part of our lives. The world is full of information and with every passing second something new occurs. Attainment of information is a long and steady process where you have to be in regular contact with the ongoing affairs of the world .By being aware , one has an opinion of his own always , can blend into any conversation , interact with culturally diverse people , make sound decisions and last but not the least ace competitive exams . So the idea is to keep reading and updating the brain , as we have our friend “ Mr. Subconscious” who is the information banker that stores it all and releases it as and when summoned by “Mr. Conscious” . So know a little about the many events happening around you and let Mr. Conscious and Mr. Subconscious play their parts .

The police force in India’s financial capital have sought legal opinion to check if they have grounds to file an FIR against a comedian for a video he recently posted on a messaging app. That the outcome of this is to stifle freedom of expression, to force the next person to look over her shoulder before mocking the next public figure, is obvious and intended. To be mocked is the most trying way of being critiqued. One can ignore evenly stated take-downs but not spoofs that make folks laugh. To deal with mockery in a democratic society, one needs to be committed to a public culture of engagement, of openness to questioning. India’s public figures are clearly not. When humour is curbed so menacingly , and for all the brave front they may put up, cartoonists and comedians are lonely people against the might of the state.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad deservedly won the Indian Premier League title and ruined Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Sunday night party in its backyard, Bengaluru’s M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. But this season of the cricket extravaganza was all about the rise and rise of Virat Kohli . Kohli was in the zone, his bat a mere extension of his arm, pulling out shots at will that no fielding team could anticipate or limit. Throughout the tournament Kohli gained tempo, shepherded his team, destroyed bowlers with huge sixes but was always alert to the little gaps in the field as well , through which he threaded boundaries.

Fifth June is celebrated as World environment Day . The World Environment Day was established by the UN general assembly to mark the UN General Assembly conference that was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. Every year, the Environment Program of the United States develops a theme which is used globally to raise awareness and galvanize support from governments, organizations, and individuals from all over the world and this year’s theme is “ Fight against illegal trade in wildlife”. A commendable initiative by the UN to highlight sensitive issues concerned with the environment , the planet and its inhabitants so that the most dominant and intelligent of these inhabitants can spare some time from their busy schedule and be made aware of and sympathize with reality and hope that at least a handful will work towards improving the situation.

So , as the Earth spins a few degrees , the southwest monsoon clouds touch southern Kerala and Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton make tiny strides towards presidency , we at team Enlightenment present to you , another exciting edition as June beckons.

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