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Ankur Kumar was an employee of LTEN, Mechanical (Rotary). After completing his Graduation in Engineering in 2013, he joined us in 2014 and worked here till he was diagnosed with Cancer in September 2015. A fighter to the core, he fought with tremendous energy, but unfortunately last month his fight was curtailed, leaving mortally all of us for a better place. Being a dear friend and colleague he continues to be with us through his thoughts.

An active and energetic member of Team Enlightenment, we remember our friend and mourn the loss of our coveted member in this edition of In-focus.

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I first met Ankur when he came to LTEN for summer training in 2012. Even though Ankur and I were from the same college, since he was two years junior to me I never met him over there.
He was introduced to me by our mutual friend Sandeep Agnish. When I met Ankur, first thing I noticed was his really cool accent.

During his training we didn’t talked much. It was later when he joined L&T as an employee; I came to know him more. Ankur was voracious reader and the thing that amazed me was that he used to quote things he read – verbatim. Ankur was someone with whom you can talk about any field, be it tech, politics, travelling, philosophy, movies or music.
I also worked with him when I joined Enlightenment team in August 2015. He was the Editor of that month’s edition. It was under his editorship that we launched Enlightenment over the Internet for the first time.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, he was in the hospital most of the time. Even then he was quite updated about stuff happening around the world and whenever I used to visit him we used to talk about it.

He showed great strength during his treatment and fought till the end.
He will be always be remembered as a good friend.
May his soul rest in peace.

-Gaurav Modi

Ankur was an unknown entity to me until I joined ENLIGHTENMENT. Randomly elected as first Editor-in-Chief for the August edition, Ankur was not daunted by the task ahead. He seemed pretty cool about it, going about it in his usual nonchalant way. The day before was the magazine was to be launched, I was super anxious as there was a lot to be done for 1st the web edition of Enlightenment. However, Ankur was hardly peturbed as he wrote his Editorial. In the end, we launched smoothly with him being the EIC. Keeping calm in adversity seemed to be his strongest suit.
Outside of work, I kept bumping into him on metro rides. He was a responsible fellow, living with and taking care of his grandmother while his parents were living in some other country. He diligently used the metro time to study for his exams. His diagnosis of Cancer was really devastating, specially at such an early stage of his life. Even while he was fighting this life threatening disease, he was calm and unfazed by the situation. I still miss his presence as a friend and in all our Enlightenment meetings. He will always be fondly remembered and may he RIP.

-Ayush Jain

I met Ankur for the first time in one of our Enlightenment meetings. For a couple of meetings I observed , he would just sit there quietly in a corner seat and laugh occasionally at the fun filled discussions that happened. I figured him to be a reticent person until I met him on the Football pitch a couple of weeks later when he turned up in an Arsenal jersey to play alongside me in central defense. That’s when I discovered his unbelievably good sense of humor. We would often debate as to who among Arsenal & Manchester United would have the less eventful season 😛 and also happened to have common taste in movies and TV Shows. It was very shocking to hear he was diagnosed with Cancer and had to go through roughly 8.5 months of pain and struggle. I couldn’t quite follow his blog but came to understand that he was very optimistic and strong in his fight and It didn’t surprise me at all. He had many aspirations and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy if someone close to him goes and meets those aspirations. May his soul rest in peace

-Rijul Nadkarni

I have never met him personally, but heard about him from my Enlightenment team friends. They always mention his friendly personality & his cool attitude. My bad luck, that could not meet such a person. It’s sad to know about his early demise. May his soul rest in peace.

-Pritha Banerjee

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