Historical book – Namah Shivaya Shantaya

By – Hitesh Chouhan (LT PDL)


We all know Shiva the deity. But what about Shiva the man?  Many authors have written fiction about Shiva, the man. But I was in search of some literature which describes Shiva-the man and not Shiva-the deity; his time, his works & his qualities as a man. My search ended when i chanced upon the book –Namah Shivaya Shantaya (meaning-‘Salutations to Shiva The Tranquil’).

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti removes the veils of 7000 years of history, to reveal Shiva the person,  the great spiritualist,  the humanitarian and  the pioneer of arts and science. The figure of Shiva as we know him today was built up over time, with the ideas of many regional sects being amalgamated into a single figure. This book, like no other book tells about Shiva-as a person and in the process it describes- how over the years our knowledge about Shiva distorted.

Lord Shiva’s achievements in fields other than that of intuitional science/spirituality as described in the book

  • Invention of sursaptak in music (sa re ga ma…)

The people of those days were acquainted with Chanda (metre in music), but not with the surasaptaka [seven-note Oriental musical scale]. Based on the sounds of seven creatures, Shiva evolved the surasaptaka.

  • Invention of mudras (hand gestures) in dance & Tandava dance

In the pre-Shiva days, dance meant simply a random movement of the limbs; but in Shiva’s time it was elevated to a systematic practice. Regarding mudras, each and every mudrá affects certain human glands in a particular way and thus influences people’s minds accordingly. Shiva intensively researched all the factors, and finally invented mudrá in dance.

  • Introduction of marriage system

Prior to Shiva, there was no system of marriage in human society. Humans used to lead libertine lives without any consideration for family obligations. Shiva, for the first time, introduced the system of marriage which has continued until this day.

  • Definite form to Ayurveda

Ayurveda was also in existence in India before Shiva’s time. But it had not yet developed as a systematic school of medicine. It was simply a collection of substances whose medicinal value was discovered accidentally. Shiva provided it with a definite form, and it became popularly known as ‘Vaedyak Shástra’ during his time

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, the author of this book as well as the founder and preceptor of Ananda Marga, says that human culture and civilization would not exist as we know them had it not been for Shiva. Shiva played a crucial role in propelling human society on a forward path in education, medicine, social code, music, dance, phonetics and, of course, intuitional science. Yet the actual life of this great personality has long been lost to view, hidden under layer upon layer of myth. Many, for example, worship Shiva as a god, but fail to recognize Shiva as an historical person. And this book goes miles in achieving the same-recognition of Shiva as an historical person.

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Hitesh Chauhan


kuldeep Bhandari

Nice Review


Very nice summary all the contribution given to the human society by Lord Siva, the first preceptor. Its a nice effort to the to remove the dogma that Shiva which is presented today as drunkard, great smoker etc.
Instead he was a great Sa`dha`ka, a musician and preceptor of Ta`ndava to increase the capacity of Humanity.

Dr. Nagesh Sandu

While the review is truly appreciable and specifies the reviewers search for details concerning Shiva the historical entity, it is not clear why the same has the title “Mythological book Namah Shivayah Shantaya”…..shouldn’t the title instead be ” Historical book Namah Shivayah Shantaya” ?

Hitesh Chauhan

Dear sir,
Thanks for commenting. I completely agree the title should be -“Historical Book” & not Mythological book. The adjective “mythological” was not used by me while writing this review. I dont know how it cropped up:P