An Ode to a Father (Figure)

By Shruti Vairagkar (LT Howden)

On the third Sunday of June,

You may wake up

To a half cooked breakfast and kitchen fumes.

An attempt by your cubs

To express their love for you.

Some bear hugs and kisses

(And perhaps presents later)

They will scramble off to their pen.

You may look wistfully at them

Wondering how did they grow so fast?

They were just bawling bairns,


Not so long ago…

Father, dear Father,

You go by many names.

Pappa, Daddy, Baba,

Pa, Pops, or Dadda

Some unusual ones too –

Master of the House,

ATM machine,

And sometimes The Other Parent

But perhaps none as precious as

My Daddy Strongest.

Growing up,

I wanted a ride

On your shoulders,

So I could touch the sky.

You were the mechanic

Who fixed my broken toys.

You were my encyclopedia,

Answering my ceaseless questions

It was then

I realized that,

My Daddy was Smartest.

A few years later

When I was at that awkward phase,

Embarrassed to be seen with you

(Mom as well, to be fair).

Maybe the only conversation

We had was,

“Dad, where’s Mom?”

You mostly had your wallet open


And an open heart.

Over the years,

I was late to learn

You had a secret weapon.

An endless supply of Dad Jokes

Usually pun-ny, definitely not funny

Were they.

Modelled along the lines of,

“Dad, I’m bored.

Hi Bored, I’m Dad!”

Rolling eyes and exasperated sighs

Was the befitting response.

I am now an adult

Or at least that’s what my passport says.

I now can understand

And appreciate all you did

For Mom, me, and the other kid.

All these years,

We may have been unfair to you

Not cherishing you enough –

For all the sacrifices, blood and toil.

I also have to acknowledge

Our common understanding that

I’m your favourite child!

On a serious note,

I also have to say

Although Mom gave me her looks,

I got your brain!

So, my dear father

If you haven’t guessed yet

What I am trying to say

My awesomeness is because of you

And of course,

Happy Father’s Day!


Your child

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Pritha Banerjee

So beautiful u have expressed with few words only. Very Nice Shruti.. 🙂

Alokesh Goswami

Excellent Shruti, you made me nostalgic, remembering the childhood days of my daughter.

Absolutely beautiful !! Keep it up. Daddy must be proud to have a cub like you 🙂


Much appreciate the kind words, Liz!

Ali Tarab Rizvi

Quite melancholic….


Thank you! 🙂