Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.

– Albert Einstein

There are two types of people, or rather adults in the world – the imaginers and those who look at the world in black and white. The word adult is intentionally used here. Children are little bundles of curiosity and make-believe. Their relentless questions and thirst for stories and fairy tales is constant fodder for their imagination.


Adults on the other hand, tend to imagine less and less over a period of time. There could be several factors attributing to this. Lack of time, stress, the pressure of making ends meet and providing for family, social conditioning while growing up… The list could go on and one would not be able to identify a single factor leading to this.

This July, along with welcoming the much awaited rains, Team Enlightenment would like to urge all its readers to imagine some more. To revisit the lands of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland; to find rabbits, lions, unicorns, and maybe your next door neighbor in the clouds; and also to refrain from conjuring a monster in your cupboard!


Monsoons in India are synonymous with new life and rebirth, the skies nourishing the parched earth, the smell of petrichor, and of course, hot tea, bhajiyas and pakoras. While you enjoy your tea and pakoras, we have an assortment of works to catch your fancy –  Modular Smartphones for the techno savvy, reviews of The Immortals of Meluha and Tee Dee restaurant, some Shero Shayari for the inner poets, and some celebrations of festivals gone by. This is but a glimpse of what lies in store…

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Ananya Majumdar

Very nicely expressed Shruti… rainy days will always remind you of the good old childhood days when we could make excuses and bunk school. Now… whatever it be, we have to come to office… 🙁 wish all of us can find that child within us again…