Repercussions of horror movies in your head

By Ali Tarab Rizvi (LT Power)

To be frank, I’m not so fond of horror movies and try to avoid watching any. However, on some friends’ insistence, I decided to watch this movie named ‘Conjuring 2’.


It was a Sunday and my friends Ayush and Sebastian decided to have a get together. Ayush was stationed in Chennai and was in Delhi those days, and Sebastian who is pursuing further education here in Delhi itself, hatched out this plan. He landed at my flat after his Sunday prayer sermon.

We both met Ayush in Noida in the evening, where it was decided that we should watch a movie. So after a lot of pondering, we decided to watch ‘Conjuring 2’.

‘Conjuring 2’, as most of us know, is a fictional recreation of the Enfield Poltergeist case of 1977 in England. The makers have done a great job in scaring the hell out of people like me who, as a matter of fact, hate such scary surprising sequences. The most adorable and consequently the most hair-raising portrayal were of the character of the main antagonist, ‘Valak’.

The movie ended in half an hour. Thereafter, all of us had dinner together and afterwards I dropped each one of them at their doorstep. It was 11:30 pm when I was heading back to my flat. The roads were empty.

Suddenly my car stopped. I was surprised as to what happened only to realize that I was out of fuel. Since there was no filling station nearby, I had to push the car all by myself to my parking lot. Fortunately, my flat was in the vicinity. However, pushing something 5 times heavier than you require a lot of energy. Somehow I managed to park it and was totally exhausted.

My flat is on the first floor. At that moment, I was so tired that climbing a small flight of stairs seemed a difficult task. Somehow, I reached. I opened the lock, entered inside, switched on the lights, fell on my couch and switched the TV on (maybe out of everyday habit).


I was watching TV when suddenly I felt someone touched me on my shoulder. I looked behind. No one was there. Such things usually come in your head when you watch horror movies, I thought. However, after a few minutes, there was loud knock on the door. This time I was scared. I tiptoed to the door and slowly opened it. There was nobody outside. I closed the door and locked it from inside. As I turned back, the lights went out. I took out my cigarette lighter from my pocket and lighted it. To my horror, standing in front of me was “Valak”. She gripped me tight on my neck and I was levitating in the air. I struggled a lot, trying to get hold of her and in doing so I snatched the cross around her neck. She threw me and I hit the wall.

“Thud”, I fell from the couch and woke up, realizing that it was a nightmare. The TV was on showing some tele-commercials. I switched it off and picked my phone. It was 4:30 am. I went into the kitchen to drink some water.

There was a lamp post outside my kitchen window, the light of which used to fall inside my kitchen. So, I need not to switch on the light inside unless or until I had some specific chore to undertake.

Suddenly, there was a blackout. I was shocked as to what happened now. I looked out of the window only to find out that the bulb was on the blink due to some snag. The light restored in 2-3 minutes. This problem had been there since last week.

Next morning, I woke up and got ready for office. While wearing my shoes, I saw; there on the couch was a cross and rosary beads. This scared the hell out of me. My eyes weren’t ready to believe what I was seeing, but then it struck my mind. “Sebastian!” I shouted. That chap came straight from his sermon before we left for Noida. I picked the beads and cross up, and put it on the side table.

I booked a cab for office, which arrived in 15 minutes. The whole way, I was thinking as to how the human mind links the simple and day-to-day things with some paranormal activity just because either it has been told to him by people or sees it in some movie or drama. What I faced last night was just a repercussion of what my brain churned out after watching a movie which was not less than a piece of fiction. I feel that getting overwhelmed unnecessarily upon small things is something which I have to work upon so as to remain calm and tranquil, no matter what happens.

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