Roadtrip- Jaipur to Rann of Kutch

By: Mayank Dubey (L&T Construction in WDFC EM P-4 Project, Jaipur)

This article is a Dedication to:
Before telling about my trip, I want to share some emotions with you.
When I was on my journey I came to know that i had lost one of my good friend Ruchir Kant Maheshwari. He was with me in L&T’s Faridabad. I used to call him a cute Bear. He was a good dancer and a good person from heart. He was also a rider like us. Few months ago, he had purchased a Royal Enfield. He was on his way home for holi vacations on his Bullet when he met with a tragic accident. When I came to know that this has happened, I was in shivers. Nobody can fill his position in our life. By some means, we can show our affection towards him and I want to dedicate my trip and blog to him as a token of gratitude.

Ruchir kant MaheswariRuchir kant Maheswari

I am Mayank Dubey, 27 years old working with L&T Construction in WDFC EM P-4 Project, Jaipur.
Every day I used to go office, sit back on my seat, note today’s tasks and work to complete till the end of the day.
On multiple occasions, I thought to add a Feather in my cap and planned something which I have not done ever and I thought very few from us think and if thinks, then dare to implement or even “Achieve that Dream”. I have been on road trips before also, from Jaipur to Ajmer, Jaipur to Bhangarh, Jammu to Jalandher, Jammu to Udhampur, Jammu to Chandigarh, Pune to Mahabaleshwar and many more. Those trips were also full of excitement and adventures but none were of beyond 500 Km. I like to tell a tale of a dream, which I have lived with my friends, which in all sense can be considered a milestone of a lifetime to achieve, for self-satisfaction, to get beyond comfort Zone and to accentuate and scan my potential.

Few months back I had decided to embark on a 9 Day Journey starting from 19th March 2016 to 27th March 2016. And I was hoping to achieve goal of 3000 Km run with my love “RE-BULLET”. I shared this idea with many of my colleagues and best buddies but most of them denied to share this moment, not because they didn’t want to do it, but because they were afraid of failure. As I said before, this journey was to get us out of our comfort zone. In the last week of march, 4 guys of same ideologies as that of mine, were ready to start on this courageous journey and prepared everything only 2 days, including the riding gears and of course our leave approvals. When our boss nodded his head with his approval, we felt like we were on top of the world because all the planning would have been flushed, if he would have denied. And now we were excited and waiting for the next sunrise.


Day 1 (19th March 2016):- Jaipur → Ramdevra(450 Km)
It was around 0500 hrs, when we woke up “AUR SACH BATAU TO SOYA HI KAUN THA”.

5 4

We (Sandeep, Vishal Sir, Praveen and me) with one Bullet, one Honda Unicorn and one Bajaj Avenger were ready to leave our origin city (Jaipur). We were loaded with complete riding gears and enthusiasm. For first day we had decided to ride for around 560 Km from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, which at that moment seemed like the biggest challenge of our trip. We went to adjacent temple and took blessings of god for a Hassle-free and safe  journey. We left our door at 0730 Hrs. and have started from Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur and took state highway. So Far, the roads were good and climate was in our favor.


We took our first halt at around 70 Km. and decided to have a smooth journey with regular breaks to relax our body as well as the vehicles. Atmosphere was very pleasant not only because we were on trip but because finally that day arrived. “JISKA MUJHE THA INTEZAR…….. JISKE LIYE DIL THA BEKARAR……WO GHADI AA GAYI…………” We were continuously riding, with nothing in our minds. We were away from the ringing of mobile phones and computers. We had properly planned but unaware from what was waiting us.


Day passed, sun drowned and we had completed only 400 Km due to first day’s over-excitement and were stalled on NH-15.  We were expected this NH-15 to be a 4-lane highway and thought to complete final 160 km within 3 hours, even if we needed to ride in night, but we were wrong.

From Jaipur to Phalodi, state highways were of 2 lanes and in good condition. Riding in sunlight is very easy on 2 lane but when it comes to riding in the dark it is a horse of entirely different color.

At Phalodi, when we touched NH-15, we found that it was 2 lane highway itself and our estimation was wrong. But we were very firm to reach Jaisalmer at any rate. It was planned and we stuck to our plan. Suddenly a black cow appeared in front of me from nowhere, I was at at a speed of around 70-80 Km/hrs and it is very difficult to control Bullet at such speeds, that too suddenly. At that moment we felt that “RUK JAANE MEIN HI BALAYI HAI” and we decided to halt before Jaisalmer because it seemed unwise to ride on 2 lane highway in moonlight. We rode for another 50 Km and took an night halt at Ramdevra, 115 Km before Jaisalmer. Ramdevra is a holistic place. We found a Dharamshala type hotel but it was good compared to spending night under the sky. We unpacked our luggage from our rides, went to room, took bath, ate the meal and slept. That sleep was, I can’t elaborate, so stress-free from a long ride like nothing we wanted against that.

Day 2 (20th March 2016): – Ramdevra – Jaisalmer – Kutch (155 Km)

Second day started with blessings of God. Sandeep and Praveen went to the temple and I fastened the luggage on bikes with help of Vishal Sir. We left Ramdevra at 0930 Hrs. We reached Jaisalmer at around 1130 Hrs. As per our plan we had decided to visit Longewala post and Tanot Mata Temple but honestly speaking, generally what we plan, not compulsorily to be able to execute.

8 9

When we reached Jaisalmer, we came to know that one day before there was an Army function and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had visited Jaisalmer and it was possible for the post to be closed due to security reasons. Some local persons also told us that last 60 km road of longewala post from Jaislamer is also not in good condition and may disturb our ride if we return in night because half day was already passed. Then we decided to alter the plan and we booked 2 tents in Sam Sand Dunes and went there through Kuldhara Haunted City. It was slightly similar to Bangarh Haunted city near Jaipur. We took some pictures there and moved towards Sam.

10 11

We parked our vehicles in Sam and took a Jeep for Desert Safari. The driver was such an expert that he used to drive the jeep on 60 – 80 km/h speed on the bumpy sand dunes. We were shocked to see how they steered at high speeds in the mountains of sand.

12 13

But it was worth and we conquered first level of fear in that ride. I recommend everyone to take Jeep Safari at least once in Sand Dunes. Then, we went on a camel safari and to see the sunset of Desert. We spent around 2 hours in desert and we saw sun drowning in sand. Camels dropped us at base Camps. Our welcome was good.

14  15

       We entered our tents. Every basic facility was provided in tents. We enjoyed cultural activities there like folk dance and folk songs with folk instruments.Praveen was feeling some sickness and some throat infection. His body temperature was rising continuously he was losing his stamina to continue with us.

16 17

That night, we decided to spend another day in Jaisalmer and decided to take Praveen for medical assistance because Health is predecessor to entertainment, nothing is important than someone’s health. After all the cultural activities we had dinner, enjoying the sparkling of stars and slept for the next day’s challenges, which we had already figured out.

Day3 (21st March 2016):- Sam Sand Dunes – Jaisalmer (50 Km)

Sometimes what we think doesn’t happen and mostly that happens what we have not well thought-out. We took breakfast at Sam and gave Praveen some tablets to maintain his consciousness till we reached Jaisalmer Hotel. Praveen took rest from riding and we left Sam and after 40 Km of journey, we reached Jaisalmer and booked a hotel to give rest our trip partner. Sandeep took him to doctor and doctor assured that after one day course of treatment he would be able to join us again.


In Kuldhara my bullet Acceleration wire knob was missed in the bumps of road so I took bullet to a specialist and got the wire changed and tuned the bullet to make further journey smooth. When I returned to hotel, Praveen finally decided not to continue with us because his body was not allowing him to take more strain. So we booked his return ticket for Jaipur and his bike was decided to transport from Jaisalmer to Jaipur. At 0045 Hrs in late night Praveen boarded on train for his return journey but our return journey was not anywhere to a close.

Day4 (22nd March 2016):- Jaislamer – Sanchore.(300 Km)

We woke up early with an additional responsibility to transport Praveen’s bike back to Jaipur. We handed over his bike to one of my transportation source in Jaisalmer and gave him full responsibility to transport with full safety at any cost. Now, we were tension free because unpredicted hindrances were resolved and we were back on our path. At 0900 Hrs., we again loaded ourselves with all the gears and enthusiasm, tied all the luggage on my Bullet and resumed the voyage.

19 20

From Jaisalmer to Barmer (160 Km), it was like the pure desert highway. Mountains of Sand, Sun making solid roads to look like water, Wind mills were telling us to look above the roads and feel the air without riding. The tar road was so hot and giving misguide of flaming but all these features of climate could not be able to downgrade our spirit of riding and touch the next level.

We can’t forget the meal that we had started our day with and carried with us throughout the Journey. It was mouth-watering and full of energy which was exactly what we wanted at that time. “BAJRE KI ROTI, SEV TAMATAR KI SABJI, DAHI KA RAYATA”.


I will now elaborate in our desi language. “HUM LOG EK ROAD SIDE DHABE PE RUKE. WANHA JITNE BHI LOG MAUJUD THE SABHI HAMARE PASS AA GAYE and everyone were interested to listen our trip story. We asked DHABAWALA, what he has made for lunch. Generally AISE DHABO PE MENU FIX HOTA HAI and we asked him to bring what he had. KHANE KI PLATE DEKHTE HI HAMARE MOOH MEIN PAANI AA GAYA. SABHI ITEMS BAHUT SIMPLE THE BUT US BANDE NE JIS TARAH SE HAME KHANA PAROSA, JAISE APNE GHAR KE LOGO KO KHILA RAHA HO.” “BAJRE KI ROTI PE GHEE NAHI THA BALKI GHEE MEIN ROTI THI.” No rationing on ghee. 5 star hotels offer water at more the cost of butter and these villagers have no boundaries of heart. They were full of hospitality-etiquettes what an MBA gain from books and years of training. We enjoyed that meal like “MAA KE HATH KA KHANA.” We took a cup of tea and thanked them for this priceless food and affection they have shown us. Now we were again on roads and rode around 300 Km. We reached Sanchore at 1800 Hrs. when sun was trying to sink in the land.

22  23

We booked a luxurious hotel in Sanchore and gave rest to our body.

Day5 (23rd March 2016):- Sanchore – Kutch (400 Km)

This Journey was very important for us to complete in one day and it was around 400 Km to inject throughout hot-air balloon. We started our journey and we were already charged due to previous day’s superb meal, we had in lunch and the respect & care received from all, at that point. We had decided to have the same lunch for rest of the journey, if found.


And finally after 100 km from Sanchore we found what we were waiting from Jaipur “A 4 Lane National Highway”. You will not find any achievement in this but for us it was. We had rode around 1100 Kmon 2 lane highway and when we found the 4 lane highway, all of us eyes were filled with water of happiness, I cannot explain the feeling but one rider can understand the gladness of a broad road. Fortunately we found a Dhaba like day before and had the same lunch what was amazing like previous day and it was telling us that we have physically crossed the boundaries of states but here also hearts have no boundaries. The same routine was there, we had a cup of tea after lunch, thanked every human being on that land, I maintained the pointer of Ampere meter, sound started of my bullet which attracted every one there and left the place.

26  29

We reached Bhuj around at 6.00PM. First we thought to stay at Bhuj but considering next day’s journey we decided to move up to Hodka which was 60 Km ahead from Bhuj. When we were about to reach hodka, sun was already won the hide and seek game and we were alone on the dark roads with no signal of light elsewhere.

One humorous experience Sandeep had at that road. At that dark road suddenly we found a black cow standing on road and fortunately we managed to control our vehicles. But this was not the event to memorize or giggle. Suddenly Sandeep, from a distance, found a guy standing at the side of road wearing white shirt and giving him a hand to stop. He thought that he saw a GHOST and stroked with fear. Then I gave him clarification that he was only a scarecrow nothing else. We stopped at that point, laughed from the depth of our heart for a while, drunk water and moved forward because some more road was there to be completed by us to touch the final destination. We had earlier checked online for advance booking at Kutch but we found that every resort was closed at that period. But we moved to Kutch on a risk. We reached Hodka but actually every resort was closed and were troubled because couldn’t find a resort and couldn’t go back to Bhuj but by the grace of god we found a resort which was open for the last 2-3 days and were blessed with a shelter.

Day6 (24th March 2016) :- Rann of Kutch(White Desert) and return Journey

We woke up early because we wanted to feel the fresh air of a village what we cannot find in city at any cost. The resort was built like a village with the natural beauty of this world. I cannot deliver the magnificence of that place through my words so better to share some clicked memories. After the breakfast of POHA and CHAI, we instruct our rides to heat up for the final ride towards our final destination. We left our luggage at the resort because we already aware from the path, where we were thinking to go, would never be like butter on bread. Around 10 Km we rode and finally the place arrived where we actually understood why WHITE DESERT board was everywhere.

to be continued in next edition…….

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Surendra singh

Amazing story bhai keep it up.
Best of luck….

Ankit dubey

Ill surly join u in our next trip brother


Fantastic Article… Very interesting & full of adventure… ???

Great job Done.. Keep it up

Shilpa chobey

Awesome description of an exciting journey..

Nitish Gupta

waooo!! While reading this article, I was feeling like riding with you guys. Use of Desi Language was amazing. It was like: SONE PE SUHAGA. After all, ‘Kahani sunane ka maja, Hindi mai hi h’. 😉
Count me in for next trip. B-)

Mayank Dubey

This is what I lived and experienced……..I hope all you will feel in the same manner…


Journey with full of enjoyment and adventure !!