Tee Dee – Restaurant Review

Delhi/NCR is known as paradise for any foodie. There are so many food joints one can explore which are unique in their own tastes and authenticity. “Tee Dee” is definitely one such place. It is located in Maznu ka Tilla or the new Aruna Nagar colony, near Delhi University Campus in North Delhi. Maznu Ka Tilla is basically a Tibetan refugee colony, set up during 1960s, when Tibetan Uprising took place and people took shelter in that area provided by Government of India. Today, the second generation Tibetans have opened many restaurants offering authentic delicacies. Tee Dee is the most famous among them.





After manoeuvring through the alleys and of course the crowd, one can reach upto the stairs of the restaurant. The restaurant is a typical value for money place, so don’t look for a very luxurious ambience, either inside or outside. Yet you shall find it cosy enough. The USP is in their menu. They offer all authentic Tibetan dishes with typical names. Before I take you to the dishes, I must tell you that this place mostly serve non-vegetarian food. Though there are veg items in their menu, but choices are plenty when you are a non-vegetarian without any inhibitions against any food.

One must try their chicken momos, which is really soft juicy and very tasty. There is a particular item I like in the starter which is called Gyuma. It is processed meat with herbs and spices, wrapped in the fat. Strange it may sound, but taste is awesome.


My other favourite is double fried pork which is really spicy. Most of the dishes come with perry perry sauce which is really hot. Tibetans meat eaters and they have it with lot of spices because their native is normally very cold.

Other non- veg food delicacies include Tee dee special chicken, Mutton sphinsha, Kung pao chicken, mixed fired rice, lamb in choice of sauce. The vegetarian menu flashes lot of items from paneers to potato but I have not tried them. One must try their Special Thukpa, which is a soupy noodle with lots of vegetables and/or non- vegetarian items. Tibetans normally have their supper with a special steamed bread called TIngmo.




Before I finish, I must tell you about the unique fruit beer they serve. It is wonderful in taste with no alcohol.

The place is pretty cheap when compared with the quality and quantity of food they serve. For people who have no inhibitions against food and want to experiment, I would highly recommend this restaurant. Tee Dee can feel like a small Tibet right in the heart of Delhi, both in ambience and your plate.

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