Jaipur – Rann Of Kutch (Travelogue) – Part 2

Trip from Jaipur (Rajasthan) to RANN of Kutch (Gujarat)

By– Mayank Dubey (RLBU) 

In continuation from Part-1 which featured in July edition

Day6 (24th March 2016) :- Rann of Kutch(White Desert) and return Journey
First we crossed a post of BSF. They asked us for some identification and allowed us to move forward. Finally, we reached “RANN of Kutch”. Till wherever we could see, we found only whiteness of the earth.
When we reached at the parking area, a local person I think, who was the CHAUKIDAR of that point, denied us from going ahead with our bikes. He asked for a permit which could be taken from the last BSF Post.
We went back to that BSF Post and asked him to give us permit but he also denied us. We begged him, made a lot of requests to him, but he was totally strict like a military man.

1 2 3

But one person there suggested us to take a way which was adjacent to the post. He informed us that the way was not in such a good condition. No macadamized road was found but after 2 or 3 Km we found the same White Desert. He also warned us to be careful from the loose soil which is generally found there.
Then we decided to take that way but first we took the Horse cart from the main point. We went back and took a horse cart. It was only 1.5 Km path but we were feeling like it was the longest road of our journey.

4 5

We were feeling like heaven at that point when we finally saw the RANN. It was gracefully white like pearl. Now I am going to share some pictures which mostly clarify what we have seen and felt there.



I think now you have some idea of the heaven which I am talking about. The whiteness what you are looking in the pictures, it is not white sand, it is SALT only.
But we were not going to leave the heaven so easily and that was not the final achievement what as a BULLET rider, I gained.
As an owner of one priceless diamond, I had to ride that one on that salty land and let the tyre taste that saline. We went back to that BSF Post, took that rough road to finally reach that place where our ultimate motive of that whole journey would accomplish.
Now we rode only for a few Kms and rubber of tyres told me that this dish has salt and in sufficient quantity. I can elaborate every feeling of that day at that point because that is going to be with me forever.


I, Sandeep and Vishal Sir were confirmed each other that the decision of planning this trip was absolutely correct and place what we had decided to visit as an ultimate location was also unblemished.
Sun was too hot that it was making that salty land loose and this was also hard to ride over that greasy surface. But we were smiling on the face of sun that “BHAIYA AAYE HI ISI LIYE HAIN, ITNI AASANI SE KAISE CHALE JAYENGE”.

9 8 10

12 1415

Now we had done an achievement which a lot of people only think to do but never ever come to touch it. But we had lived this and our return journey was in front of us which we already planned interesting to sustain the enthusiasm but we didn’t know that it would be more interesting, adventures and enthusiastic.
We kicked our rides again and started the return journey with unforgettable moments which we earned in these 5 and half days. It was around 1300 Hrs when we left the Kutch resort with our luggage tied on my bullet and obviously geared.
Now we were on our return journey. All we were tired and exhausted and also thinking to trim down it. So we decided to cover maximum stretch as we can. We started from Bhuj that day itself for further journey at around 1600 Hrs.

16 17

We searched a lot for a proper place 100 km ahead from Bhuj to stay for the particular day but at last we didn’t find any appropriate place and we decided to just start and stop at the point where sun would start to drawn down. But we didn’t know that we were going to experience the adventure, what we had not planned.
Climate was marvelous and we were cheered because what we had achieved till now was priceless.
The four lane highway was tremendous. Riding with and between heavy vehicles was also inestimable episode of this trip.
Now another venture was waiting for us to entertain and increase our morale to complete this journey. From Bhuj around 100 Km we rode and started to search for a Hotel to stay comfortably at night. But we didn’t find. Than we dropped the thought of comfortable and tried for a Hotel, but after another 20 Km, we didn’t find anything. Then we dropped the idea of Hotel and tried for an accommodation only but life had something more interesting for us. We didn’t find anything after 20 km more then we took drop to a road side DHABA at a village named Adhesar in Gujrat and ask him for only KHATIAYAS to straighten our back for whole night.
But that day I found that goodness really still exists and no matter if you have something in your pocket or not. You must have something in your heart, I don’t know what it would be, it could be feelings, emotions, respect or any admiration but you must have, we must have.
When we explained our problem to the owner of that DHABA, he without any instance of thinking nodded this head and offered us his KHATIYA and also told that “SAAB BAHUT THAK GAYE HONGE, BAJRE KI ROTI AUR KADI BANA DETA HUN, GHEE DAAL KE KHAYENGE TO SAARI THAKAN UTAR JAYEGI”. That menu was already our favorite for whole of the journey and we all were looking at each other’s faces with respect for that guy.
He served very good meal and 2 KHATIYAS for 3 of us. I took the small one and Sandeep and Vishal Sir adjusted on the large one. It was totally on the highway so due to sound of the vehicles for whole of the night we didn’t sleep but it was sufficiently comfortable to complete our next day’s journey.
Finally we were searching for a comfortable stay and we found, but in some different manner.

Day7 (25th March 2016):- Adhesar → Abu Road
Morning of that day started very early because we had not slept properly for whole of the night but it was very pleasant and full of natural beauty. We thanked the owner of that DHABA, helped him with a manner in which we are capable off. He denied taking our help after so much hospitality but we forced him to accept as our way to show our gratitude. He offered us last cup of tea and we left for our further stoppages.

Today we decided to reach at Abu road by afternoon which was around 250 Km from our starting point and rest of the day.
At around 1400 Hrs we reached Abu road, booked a hotel and gave the rest to our body because due to the previous night we had to relax our body. We decided to visit the Temple of Amba Ji Mata but the road of that place from Abu Road was not so good and it was very risky to ride on that road in night. So we dropped that idea and slept early to reach the next day in fast forward state.

Day8 (26th March 2016):- Abu Road → Mount Abu → Pali
That day was also full of riding experiences. It was only around 25 kms from Abu Road to Mount Abu and 18 Kms. from Mount Abu to Guru Shikhar(The highest point of Aravali Hills). But I cannot explain the full experience and Joy of riding. Road was superb. Properly macadamized and maintained. All the risky curves of valley were strictly followed and constructed as per safety guidelines.
We reached Mount Abu and visited the main place Nakki Lake. It was well crowded. We spent some time and earned some moments there. Clicked some pictures as a memory and moved towards Guru Shikhar.

20 21 24

Guru Shikhar was only 18 Kms from Mount Abu but that road was also flawless. It is very worthy to ride only for few kms on a good track.
In the middle of that track we found a sports area. We dropped there for some better moves. Sandeep and Vishal Sir did some adventures sports.
After some adventures sports we moved forward and finally reached Guru Shikhar.
There we felt like celebrities. We were trapped in a road jam there and suddenly one uncle came to me and asked for a picture with me.
One group of students came to us and asked about our journey. They were very interested to know about our trip and they boosted our morale by praising us to do such type of rigorous journey. We had magi there after a long time.

25 27 28

We went to the highest point. Everybody was looking at us there and treating us as celebrities. People wanted to know our journey experiences and wanted to know from where we gained so much enthusiasm to plan and complete this trip.
But we had a shortage of time; we talked with a lot but not with each and every one. We came down, kicked our rides and started to come down.

We reached Abu Road back at 1300 Hrs and started retrun Journey towards Pali.
We reached Pali at around 2000 Hrs., booked a hotel and slept for the last night of our journey.


Day9 (27th March 2016):- Pali →Jaipur.
This was the only day when we had mixed type of feelings, slightly glad and slightly sad. Glad because we had almost completed the project what we had started 9 days before and completed and sad because this was the last day of our enjoyment, adventures riding, tasty and different food, meeting with different cultured people and so many more moments which we were going to miss from the next day.
There is a temple from Pali on Jodhpur Highway around 25 kms, which may be very few people, know about.

30 31
This temple is of a non-alive article. People used to visit this temple on daily basis and they have a lot of faith in it. You will be very surprised if I tell you that this temple is of Bullet.
Yes, you have read correctly. There is a temple named Bullet Baba. Few years back there was a person named OM Bana, who had a Bullet. He loved his ride very much. One day, on the circle of that highway suddenly he died in an accident while he was riding his bullet on that highway.
Police took his body from that point along with his bullet but every time when police took his bullet, it came to that point of accident. It happened a lot of times. Then everybody decided to establish a temple of OM BANA at that point and case his bullet there itself in a glass frame. Now according to people thoughts, when any accident occurs at that highway, Om Bana helps them and nobody loses his life ever.
Yes this story is real and you will find some pictures of that temple here also.
We started early in the morning and left for that temple. We reached there at 0930 hrs., prayed for our further journey, what was remaining but important for us.

35 36

As a Bullet rider, this was like heaven for me that I am with my bullet in clouds and riding there also. Everybody says that we must not be materialistic but I don’t agree in this case. If somebody can love his ride so much that it want to be with himself after his death also than how much love he can provide his alive ones too.
But we all must be agreed on one note that “IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA”

Now the final ride, we had to complete of our whole of the trip. We came to Pali and started our final return journey to home. It was around 300 km form Pali to Jaipur, our ultimate home location.
We enjoyed this ride also a lot because we knew that this chance, didn’t know when we will find next time. So that ride was very calm and relaxed because we only wanted to stop at Jaipur now. Now we didn’t have any plan of night stay and everything what we were doing from last 9 days. We were only enjoying the ride.

37 38
We reached Jaipur at 1700 hrs. First we dropped at our BABUJI’s THADI adjacent to our home, took a cup of tea with sigh of relief.
Finally we reached our home, went to temple near our home and thanked God for the ultimate and out of harm’s way experience.

So this is my experience of those 9 days from 19th march 2016 to 27th march 2016. It was very learning also along with riding experiences. We have achieved many lessons of riding and life through this.
It was around 2700 km of total riding but countless moments of life.
I have shared all my experiences, feelings and learning in this blog with you. I hope someone in somewhere would have motivated and believe me it is worth to try something like this.

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Sandeep Vishwakarma

Being a part of this trip, we can’t explain our enjoyment and excitement anything in words. We was enjoying this memorable trip and planning for next……..

Mayank Dubey

This part has experiences which can not be delivered by words, so Pictures are more to deliver the heaven…………

Ashish Gupta

Excellent !

anil kumar