Focus on the issue, not the person

By: Atul Sehgal (LT SL)

In our daily life, we humans widely interact with each other and discuss, deliberate and work upon a wide variety of issues.  In many one-to-one interactions, two persons often discuss and debate an issue to arrive at clear conclusions that can benefit both. But, more often than not, their discussion takes a heated and animated tint and the core issue is sidetracked. The discussion grows more contentious and after some time it simply looks like a situation of arguments and counter arguments. The real issue is lost in this labyrinth of mutual ego satisfaction. This is an unseemly situation.

The element called human ego is a basic element of the human personality. It gives a sense of identity to the human being. But when it gets vitiated by banal elements of material nature, it makes a person proud and conceited. It blurs the intellect and begins to blind him to the realities of existence.  It becomes the roadblock to understanding and thwarts human progress.

We are obsessed by human natures, attributes, personae and our perceptions in this regard make us subjective in dealings with others. We develop many types of bias and become misaligned with facts. The result is—wastage of valuable human time, energy and money. Keeping our selves sharply focused on issues that confront us shall keep us tuned with realities and maintain objectivity in our actions. Objectivity is the prime key to peace and progress. Why? Because every human being seeks happiness and fulfilment.  And truth is the foundation of happiness and human fulfilment. As long as we remain truth seekers and truth followers and hence objective in approach, we remain on the right track and promote our welfare and progress continuously. But when we start indulging in promotion of personalities and making every issue into a ‘prestige issue’, we get lost on the way and need course correction.  Then , we need to quickly remind ourselves that our purpose is to fulfil our core objective and for this we must promptly return to the issue in hand and address it accordingly, forgetting all extraneous considerations.

Righteous issues are like points of progress or welfare goals for human beings that constantly impel them for creative and constructive action. Persons and personalities are unimportant, such core issues are. The human life is designed to address issues and persons are but instruments to address those issues.

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